Another milestone! Three million views

May 2, 2013

Sometime in the past couple of days (end of April 2013), this blog hit three million views!


It passed two million views in early August 2012, so it’s only taken nine months to go from two million to three million. In September 2011, this blog cracked the one million views mark since I started blogging in 2008. As I said when the total views passed half a million sometime in 2010, I can’t even comprehend that number, so three million is mind-boggling.


My weekday average number of views is between 4000 and 5000, and my monthly average is more than 110,000 views. I’ll do a full analysis at the end of this year, as I have done in previous years (see below for links).

However, despite the number of views and the overwhelmingly positive comments (‘OMG! You saved my LIFE!’), I make no more than ‘pin money’ from the ‘donate’ button in the sidebar (https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/if-only/); I also pay WordPress to NOT have random ads on this blog (my choice).

I mainly write this blog for me — I can’t possibly remember all the things I learn, so when I write instructions they are primarily to backup my brain ;-) Think of this blog as a dumping ground for all those random bits and pieces I learn each day. And yes, I definitely use my own blog to ‘remember’ how to do something I may have only done once or twice before.

The fact that others (all three million others now!) find it useful too, is very humbling.

See also:

[Links last checked May 2013]


  1. Congratulations – inspiring !

    Cheers, Diana

  2. Congratulations. I need your inhouse manual.

    It’s the fear of not subscribing that describes my situation and, I suspect, many others. I live in fear that I too may need to join the “OMG you saved my day” brigade one day.

    My use of your information now that I am not working is reduced.

    But I still must effectively use and maintain a pc, printer/scanner, software, files, hard drive, mobile phone and tablets for private communication. Being away from people I would be totally lost without these tools. Imagine having to rely on tv! However ABC Radio in its various forms does sustain me reasonably well for lots of information and entertainment. But even they refer me to their website for more bits and pieces.

  3. Well done, you shouldn’t be surprised at the response when you take such a common sense approach to things and actually solve the problems or admit when you can’t.


  4. […] May 2013, this blog broke through the three million views mark since I started blogging in 2008. By 30 December 2013, it had had more than 3.8 million […]

  5. Well done Rhonda! More power to your pen (or should that be ‘finger’?)!

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