2011 blog statistics

December 31, 2011

In September 2011, this blog cracked the one million views mark since I started blogging in 2008. As I said when the total views passed half a million sometime in 2010, I can’t even comprehend that number.

As in previous years, some people read more than one post, and a few may have read every one, but there seem to be a lot of ‘hit and run’ readers — those who have a problem with Word or whatever, find one of my posts via Google etc., read the post, get what they came for (or not), and leave without checking out anything else. As at 29 December 2011, the total view count is 1,265,000, which doesn’t include any of my views (yes, I use my own blog for stuff I can’t remember!). Some 680,000 (more than half) of those views occurred in 2011.

Here are some graphs and tables for the 2011 statistics for this blog, as well as come comparative ones for ‘all time’ (‘all time’ is actually 2008 to 2011 — I started this blog very late in 2007, but didn’t really start posting until January 2008, so the 2007 statistics are so low as to be insignificant).

Total views by month/year

2011 blog stats -- table of total views 2008-2011

2011 blog stats - graph of total views per year 2008-2011Average daily views

2011 blog stats - graph of average daily views by month for 2011

The average views per day has doubled since 2010 (from 890 to 1868). The graphs above and below are for the full seven days per week, though most views occur on business days.

2011 blog stats - graph of average daily views by year, 2008-2011

As I mentioned above, most views are during the five business days, probably as a reflection of the need to find answers to Word questions and the like when people are stuck with a problem at work. The weekends and major public holidays (particularly in the US) see a notable drop in views. The graph below is for the daily views in December 2011. Weekends are indicated with the (1), weekdays are indicated with the (2), and (3) shows the weeks immediately before and after Christmas.

Daily trend - December 2011

Top 20 posts

2011 blog stats - Top 20 for 2011 and 2008-2011

Some posts are just more popular than others! Those highlighted in orange appear in both lists — the top 20 posts of all time (2008-2011) and 2011 only. Those without highlighting only appear in one of the top 20 lists. Some, like the ‘Header row won’t repeat’ one, were written in 2010, so I didn’t expect to see them in the Top 20 for 2008-2011 as they haven’t been around long enough to gather the numbers sufficient to put them in the ‘all time’ list.

Long tail

2011 blog stats - graph of the long tail for 499 posts 2008-2011

As expected, there’s a significant ‘long tail’ for this blog’s views. I can only extract stats for the top 499 posts from WordPress, but even for those 500 posts the long tail is very evident. In the graphs above and below, the top 50 posts, and especially the top 20, gained the most views. Everything else was a poor cousin to these top posts.

2011 blog stats - graph of the long tail for 499 posts 2011 only

When I extracted out the views just for the top 30 posts for 2008-2011 and 2011 only (both below), the long tail was still evident, though not as pronounced. Again, the top 10 posts garnered the most views, with posts 11 through to 30 tailing off and flattening out.

2011 blog stats - graph of the long tail for the top 30 posts 2008-2011

2011 blog stats - graph of the long tail for the top 30 posts 2011 only

So, there you have it. Four years of blogging, 1400 blog posts published, 1.2 million views (with more than half in the past 12 months).

I guess I must be doing something right, even though the monetary return is close to zero, especially considering I spend between two and ten hours each week writing blog posts.

However, in 2012 I’ll be writing posts more sporadically, and NOT ‘almost every day’. I still have a day job that I’m committed to, and my paid work always comes before unpaid work.


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  2. I’ve often referred to your posts for Word problems I needed help with, and also referred others on the STC SIG and Tech-WRL list serves, and recently, on LinkedIn TW-centric groups to specific posts that I was sure would solve their problems. Keep the posts coming. Word being Word, and Microsoft Office programmers seeming to not always understand how those of us trying to create documentation with their products really use them, we’ll continue to need your insights.

    P.S. Since you’re the only Aussie I’ve actually met, I named the female australian voice on my GPS, “Rhonda”. Plus there’s an old pop song, “Help, help me, Rhonda”, and you do!

  3. Thanks Techquestioner!

    LOL re naming your Aussie female GPS voice ‘Rhonda’. I also had a (male) fish named after me: http://sandgroper14.wordpress.com/2008/12/04/a-fish-called-rhonda/, and, when I worked on a help desk some customers would sing that Beach Boys song to me. ;-)

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