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Inches to pixels converter

August 21, 2008

Some quick ways to get the pixel equivalents for measurements in inches:

  • This site gives you an approximate set of values. Go to the second set of fields, enter the value(s) in inches, then set the DPI to 100 (unfortunately you can’t set it to 96). The pixel values update automatically.
  • Use a graphics editor (I use PaintShop Pro), create a new image with the dimensions in inches, then view the image’s size in pixels. PaintShop Pro X does this really easily on the New Image window. Here’s how: Select File > New from the menu, change the Units to Inches, enter the inch values in the Width and Height fields, change the Resolution to 96 Pixels/Inch, look at the bottom of the window—there’s your pixel equivalents. You don’t even have to create a new image.

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Pixel to em converter

October 26, 2007

Cool tool for anyone trying to figure out what a font size in pixels is in ems (Yes, I know that’s maybe three of my readers, but what the heck – by posting it here I’ll remember it!)

It’s here:

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