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You’d think they’d try to match what was there before

October 28, 2014

Spotted in Houston…. Not only is the lower case ‘g’  wrong,  but its size has altered the kerning between the first name and middle initial. Maybe they thought no-one would notice it on the upper concourse between the hotel and the convention centre.



You can now purchase T-mobile SIM cards in Australia

October 16, 2014

I’ve previously blogged about how I’ve purchased and used T-mobile SIM cards when in the US (search this blog for T-mobile). Well, things have moved on since then and today I was able to purchase a 30-day T-mobile SIM  at Sydney International Airport,  which gives me the usual ‘pay per day’ services I’ve previously had (unlimited US calls,  text,  and data) PLUS free texts to Australia AND free calls to Australian landlines. And for less than the pay per day rate ($80 AUD compared to $90+ USD).

As I’ll be away for about 31 to 32 days, the chap at the SIMCORNER stand in the mall at Sydney airport (near the escalator to the Qantas lounge, as at October 2014) said he’d set activation to happen tomorrow in the US, but normally he’d activate there and then and I’d get my US phone number within 20 minutes. All before leaving Australia.

So, all going well, within a few hours of landing at my final destination in the US, I should get a text that my phone is activated and letting me know my US phone number.

Here’s hoping it’s all as simple as that…  I’ll report back in a few days’ time.

Update: The activation worked fine. BUT I’ve hardly been able to use the phone as I’m staying in a rural area though only some 30 miles from a state capital and there’s NO T-mobile coverage here… Not happy. I thought they were everywhere. And I thought all major cell companies had coverage over much of the US. I’m not in a sparsely populated state (Michigan) and am only 30 miles from Lansing.


Off air for a few weeks

October 9, 2014

I’m traveling for several weeks so my posts to this blog will be non-existent or limited, except perhaps for the first week when I’m attending (and speaking at) a tech writing conference in New Zealand as part of my trip.

I  may post my notes from that conference, but the rest of the trip is pure holiday!


Fix typing mistakes, only to make more

October 8, 2014


Read the last item first, then the second last one…

typo I think they meant ‘metric’.

It’s all about trust. How can I trust them to have ‘removed typing mistakes’ in the app when they make another one in their list of changes?

Did I download the app? Nope, for several reasons, but this one was the clincher. That, and the overuse of capitals for words that aren’t proper nouns.

(Seen on a developer’s summary of a Google Play app.)