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Photoshop Elements: Process Multiple Files is grayed out

January 30, 2015

I’m new to Photoshop Elements (PSE) 13. I’ve been using PaintShop Pro and SnagIt for years, but never Photoshop or Photoshop Elements until now. I have to use it in a 5-day workshop I’m doing in a month or so, so I need to get up to speed with it a little, even though they said they’d teach the basics in the workshop.

I’ve been watching some video tutorials and have learnt quite a bit. Today was time to tackle batch editing of many photos at once. I found a good tutorial ( and started to follow her instructions. But I was thwarted almost immediately as what she said should happen didn’t happen for me. Instead of being able to choose File > Process Multiple Files in PSE 13 Editor, that option was grayed out and unavailable. I tried PSE 13 Organizer, but there’s no such option. I also tried adding photos to PSE 13 Editor, but that made no difference either. I Googled and checked the Adobe Help, but got no information that helped me solve the problem.

Then I clicked ONE button and suddenly the option was available to me!

It looks as though the PSE 13 Editor interface is different to earlier interfaces, and when the program opens, it defaults to the Quick settings. When I click Expert, suddenly everything was available. So simple. So hard to find out the reason. Hopefully this will help someone else avoid the frustration of trying to figure out why the option isn’t available.