Welcome to the official blog of CyberText Consulting.

History: From 2001–2007 I wrote a quarterly CyberText newsletter. By 2008 the mailing list was getting unmanageable, so I decided to start a blog as more immediate format for disseminating the free tips and hints I typically included in the newsletters.

Although it would be nice to think that this blog is just for my readers, it’s not! It’s for propping up my dodgy memory (thanks for that line, Steph), and is a place where I can jot down all the stuff I learn about but can’t possibly remember two or three hours, days, or years later.

In it, you’ll find lots of tips and ‘how tos’ related to my work as a technical writer and editor, specifically information on how to do things in Microsoft Word, which I’ve used since the early 1990s.

Rhonda Bracey, CyberText Consulting Pty Ltd
(contact me at: rhonda DOT bracey AT cybertext DOT com DOT au; I’m also on Twitter [@cybertext] and on Mastodon)


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  2. Hi Rhonda
    Bruce Ransley suggested I contact you (he said you are the guru!). I’m an advanced word user but looking for some training to advance my skills (without being bored for 80% of the course which would be the case if I accessed some of the courses held locally). Bruce suggested I subrscibe to your newsletter (which looks great by the way) but said you may also have some ideas re training/development.

  3. Hi Rhonda

    I wanted to ask you a question about Word 7 but I’m not sure how to contact you so I have used this space.

    BACKGROUND: I am using Word 7 to format a large document with lots of section breaks. Each section of the document needs to start on an odd numbered page and will have a unique header.
    PROBLEM: I am trying to complete the various headers in each section. When I go into a section’s header to add it, Word changes the previous section break from an ‘Odd Page’ break to a ‘Next Page’ break. It is driving me crazy.
    I tried deleting every section break and putting them all in again but it didn’t help as the problem happened all over again. – HELP!

  4. Hi Erin

    Are you using Word 2007? As far as I know, there’s no Word 7. I just tested adding odd page breaks in a Word 2007 document, then fiddling with the headers, and couldn’t see anything like what you’re seeing. The Odd Page breaks all stayed as Odd Page breaks.

    Another thing to try is this: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2009/02/18/word-changing-a-section-breaks-type/

    And also check the page numbering down at the bottom left of the status bar — you may not see the blank pages in print preview view or any other view, but the page numbering should show you that you’re on an odd page (e.g. page 13 of 18 would tell you that the page you’re on is an odd one).

    You can contact me using the email address above — just replace the upper case stuff with the correct punctuation! (I use that to prevent auto spamming bots from harvesting my email address.)


  5. Hi Rhonda

    You can tell I was tired when I sent my last post
    (November 24, 2010) – my ‘Word 7’ is, in fact, Word 2007.

    I tried your suggestion at:
    and it worked A TREAT. Thanks so.o.o much!

    cheers Erin

  6. Do you have an email newsletter I can join, I like your posts.


  7. To subscribe, just open any individual post. At the bottom, after the comments section, there’s a check box to Subscribe by email to this site.

  8. Hello-

    I have always found the content here to be extremely informative. I’ve added your feed to the Techdoc Superfeed



  9. I see your articles always, thanks for your work!
    I have a question: I need for a style that always begin in odd page, I see your solution in the link.
    I have a style that break a page, but is possible the that I ask?
    Thanks for your attention.

  10. Rhonda, I just stumbled on your wonderful blog while Googling for help with MS Word. I then spent way too much time wandering the halls and peeking in various doors labeled such as “Technical Writing,” “Tips,” and “Grammar.” Your articles are satisfyingly easy to read while being remarkably complete. You have been promoted to “Favorite” status in my Firefox browser. Thank you for taking so much time to help us denizens of the web.
    Best regards,

  11. hi, thanks for all the tips and usefull stuff!
    i have one question, why does word 2010 changes its default shortcuts? it is really frustrating, i set them as they should be (e.g. ctr+C for copy etc..) but some times when i open a file they dont work and i have to reassign them


  12. Hi Tom

    Some default keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl+C) should never change. However, if you’ve set your own shortcuts, it’s possible you set them within a particular template only (you get that option when setting a keyboard shortcut), so if you aren’t using that template, they won’t work.


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