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Word: Automatically sorting a list

June 10, 2015

Based on a Writing Tip sent to my work colleagues…


Based on a question I got today, I realised that some of you may not know that you can get Word to automatically sort a list for you, whether that list is a bulleted list of words or rows in a table (e.g. a list of terms or of numeric values).

Here’s how.

  1. Turn off track changes if it is on.
  2. Select the bulleted list or click anywhere in the table.
  3. Click the AZ icon on the Home tab to open the Sort window.

  4. On the Sort window, select how you want the list sorted – the default is ascending (alphabetically if words, numerically if numbers) and by the first column (if you are in a table). The options available on the Sort window vary depending on whether you’re sorting a table or not.
  5. Click OK.

That’s it! Your list is now sorted.