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Apologies for the change of theme

December 21, 2007

Having just uploaded a heap of posts from my personal blog earlier today, I realised that the WordPress theme I was using (Kubrick), doesn’t display the right navigation area on the individual pages. I did a quick check of the WordPress forums and found this was a design decision by whoever created that theme.

So I’ve chosen another theme (Neat) which allows me to add my own image and most importantly, displays the left navigation area no matter which page you’re on.


Imported posts from personal blog

December 21, 2007

In case your wondering why there was a sudden surge of activity in this newsletter, I imported all the ‘still relevant’ posts on technical communication and related things from my personal blog today.

That added heaps of entries to the archives as the original posting dates are kept. I’ll spend some time reassigning categories, but meantime, feel free to read my back catalog of posts!

New posts will start in January 2008, as planned.



December 15, 2007

The other night we watched “Wordplay“, a documentary-style movie about the New York Times crossword, the people involved in creating it, and some of those who solve it every day. Even though I’ve never done the NY Times crossword, I do love word games and Sudoku, so I appreciated the passion these people have.

A good movie for a wintry weekend afternoon for anyone who enjoys word puzzles.