Testing a Dyson battery

December 14, 2020

I have a 4-year-old Dyson stick vacuum cleaner (V6 model), and it seems to be cutting out well before the usual 20 minutes of use is up. I used it yesterday and it cut out after about 2 to 3 minutes. I checked the Dyson website for troubleshooting information, in case it was anything more sinister than a battery. And wondered if I might have to replace the whole thing if the battery couldn’t be replaced.

The good news is that the battery can be replaced (and you can purchase a new one direct from the Dyson website; at least, you can from their Australian website). And the second good news was that they have phone support available 7 days a week (more limited hours on weekends, but available). The person who helped me diagnose if the battery was the issue was just wonderful and gave me all sorts of other tips on cleaning the machine too (when I asked). She had plenty of opportunity to sell me a new battery right there and then, but didn’t. Instead, she told me how to diagnose if the battery was at fault and based on my testing to then make a decision about replacing the battery.

How to diagnose if the battery is the reason for the Dyson cutting out:

  1. Fully charge the vac (at least 3 to 4 hours, preferably overnight).
  2. Once charged, you will do a time test with the vacuum set to MAX, so get out your phone and set the stopwatch function for time to 0:00.
  3. Start the vac and with it running, press the MAX button at the back of the unit until it starts flashing blue. (No, I didn’t know about MAX either!)
  4. Start the stopwatch.
  5. Run the vac until it stops.
  6. Take note of the time.
  7. Check your results:
    • With the unit set to MAX and a full battery, you should get about 6 minutes of run time. You don’t need a new battery. Something else might be an issue, so call Dyson.
    • If you get 3 minutes of run time, you need a new battery. Perhaps not now, but likely within a few weeks or months, depending on how often and for how long you use the machine.
    • If you get less than 3 minutes of run time, your battery needs to be replaced. This was the case with mine—I got less than 2 minutes.
  8. Recharge the battery a little again and reset the MAX button to off (no blue flashing light around it) so that it doesn’t inadvertently remain on MAX once you get the new battery and install it (two screws only).



  1. Thanks for the notes on diagnosing battery issues, Rhonda! I also have a Dyson stick vacuum that has started cutting out every so often, despite being fully charged. In my case, I find that if the intake in the barrel is blocked (despite the barrel being only partially full) or there is a lot of fluff in the gap between the rotating head and casing, the vacuum cuts out. I’d be interested on any cleaning tips the support person gave you.

  2. Hi Natalie

    If the sound is a pulsing sound and not a constant sound, it’s likely there’s a blockage. I found some very good cleaning tips in some YouTube videos, especially ones about cleaning the brush head, the barrel area, and the filter (did you know you can remove the plastic support part of the filter and clean there too?). So I suggest you do a search on YouTube for your model and cleaning tips (e.g. “Dyson v6 cleaning”).

    Or call you local Dyson support people. if they are anything like the Australian ones, they are most helpful.


  3. Hello, I tried using my stick vacuum this morning. There was no sign of life when I pressed the red button. Checked the charging port, and the light was blue. Does this mean I need a new battery, or is there something else wrong?

    Wendy Foster

  4. Hi Wendy

    Contact the Dyson people in your country, or the retailer.

  5. A flashing blue LED on the battery means it isnt charging. A steady blue light means it is charging, a flashing red light att anytime means a new battery is required. I bought a cheap one from Amazon for £25 and it lasted just 4 months! I hear others who say their’s lasted longer but Im not convinced. I reckon the best value are the dyson originals ( you get what you pay for is the saying). They cost 3 times as much as the cheap ones but will hopefully last 3 times the 4 months this one did. I was lucky and Amazon refunded me in full when I returned it.

  6. If you are handy and you check utube it is possible to convert the Dyson cordless to power with an 18 volt Milwaukee battery which can be easily swapped out.

  7. Hi Chris

    That’s probably not an option in Australia where I live, as ALL electrical work must be carried out by a licensed electrician. Our power is 240V, unlike the US where it’s 110V.


  8. My dyson vacuum is 100 percent charged and will not turn on. What is wrong? It’s only a year old

  9. Contact your local Dyson support line.


  10. 9 times out of 10 its the battery as there isn’t much else to go wrong. Not heard of the motor failing. Try one of the batteries from Amazon, but dont go for the cheapest, you need to spend around £25.

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