Classic menu typo

September 26, 2011

A client of mine travels the world training his clients in how to use certain geological modeling software. He ends up in some pretty out of the way places (mine sites are invariably in out of the way places). He emailed me his photo of this menu typo, with this comment:

There are unexpected colours hiding in the “Rainbow Roll” sushi from Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). It makes you wonder what exactly is in the “special sauce”!

While my colleagues braved the brave new world of African Japanese, I went with the less adventurous African Thai food instead…

The 'Rainbow Roll' takes on a new meaning...

The 'Rainbow Roll' takes on a new meaning...

Where’s an editor if you need one? An automated spell check wouldn’t pick up this typo, though it would pick up ‘musroom’. And an automated spell checker couldn’t tell you if the word is meant to be ‘crab’ or ‘carp’ — both would fit into the context.

[Thanks for the photo, J]


  1. Hmmm, think I’ll skip the rainbow roll. I had crap for breakfast.

  2. Can you please post the website of your geographical modelling software client. I would love to get a hold of him to put him in touch with a friend of mine doing the same thing who would need some training?

  3. Hilarious typo! I would eat crab or carp…

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