Family Tree Maker not connecting to Ancestry.com

August 12, 2019

This post is for me in case this happens again in the future.

I couldn’t connect my Family Tree Maker (FTM) software to ancestry.com—the username and password were correct, but FTM kept telling me one of them was invalid. I even reset my password on ancestry.com but still I couldn’t connect. Then I remembered that I’d set two-factor authentication (2FA) on my ancestry.com account—perhaps that was it?

I disabled 2FA on my ancestry.com account, and was then able to successfully connect my FTM software to ancestry.com. I don’t upload my family tree to Ancestry, but like being able to search for a person’s details on Ancestry via the web search area in FTM.

Seems like they may not play nicely together if you have 2FA turned on.

Update August 2019: In the comments below, Jason says you need to append the authentication code sent to you to the end of the password. I haven’t tried it yet but will next time I’m back in Family Tree Maker and want to search Ancestry.com from there, Thanks Jason!


  1. When it texts you the authentication code, you just need to add it after your password when logging in through FTM, e.g. if the code is 123456, you’d enter “[yourpassword]123456” as the password

  2. Wow! Thanks for that, Jason. Great to know for future.


  3. I do NOT have two-factor authentication on my Ancestry.com account yet I keep getting the invalid username or password when I try to log on from family tree 2017 to my Ancestry account. Tried changing my password, turning off my anti virus, checking the date and time, but doesn’t help.Was on a chat with the company for over an hour and they cant fix it. So it is now useless. Worked fine last time I went on end of last year.

  4. Having the same problem. Always worked now it does not. Ancestry is no help and FTM is closed and wait time is pathetic. FTM is useless for sync to ancestry. Cant even get missing data from ancestry.

  5. I cant get FTM 2017 to sync with Ancestry. Log in button does not allow me to log on. Tried all the suggestions from the FTM tech people. What other program will allow we to bring my tree from Ancestry to a computer program?
    I am ready to move on.

  6. Tried all of the above, still cannot sync using Ancestry. Called to no avail…any other suggestions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I finally solved my problem. It turned out another program on my computer was interfering with FTM. Once I disabled that program I could again sync.

  8. Eileen, please tell us what program was interfering with FTM so we can try it. Same problem. Thanks!

  9. @Eileen, yes, please tell us which program was causing the conflict, and how did you figure it out?

  10. I am part of a panel with a group called Digital Reflection. They pay me $5 a month to keep a box attached to my computer to spy on me, basically, to see what I buy and so forth. it is a marketing thing. Anyway, I suddenly found I couldnt sync my FTM. I normally always use Firefox. But during this time I found if I used any other browser I got a security certificate error. Somehow the Digital Reflection update was messing with it. Once I disconnected the box everything worked fine. Now, none of you probably participate in Digital Reflection, but check all your browsers and see if you have any issues with your security certificates. Maybe another update in a program you have is the cause also!

  11. still need help

  12. I had to reinstall my Family Tree Maker and now it tells me it has no internet connection. Not just one computer for 2. I have internet on both computers. I can go into my email’s, google, yahoo, etc. I have unstilled it and then reinstalled the program but still it tells me no internet service. Has anyone had this problem and if so how did you solve the problem.

  13. Hi Marcia

    I suggest you contact Family Tree Maker support. They should be able to help you.


  14. I can’t connect my Family Tree Maker (FTM) software to ancestry.com—the username and password were correct, but FTM kept telling me one of them was invalid.
    I see from above that this has been an issue for some time.

  15. I have solved the FTM connection problem on my server. FTM only works through port 80 ! So if port 80 is used for any kind of redirect it won’t connect to servers for login or anything else.

  16. Port 80 is a default for a browser but if you are going through FTM, this is not helpful.

  17. I fixed the problem by updating my FTM 2017. At some time in the last couple of years, the developers of FTM, MacKiev, introduced their own ‘FamilySearch’ account, separate from the Ancestry account, and the old login page on FTM 2017 couldn’t deal with these two separate account logins.
    I didn’t go for the paid upgrade to a new major version (getting fed up paying to upgrade every year or two), I just installed the free update to FTM 2017. MacKiev’s own description says the update is necessary if you want to remain compatible.

  18. Having same problem logging in to Ancestry from FTM 2019. Login and password worked just fine for months, if not a year or so. Cannot find anywhere on the FTM Login page to update or change login or password. On two-year old iMac. Cookies unblocked. Any suggestions?

  19. I just tried to login to FTM 2017 same issue, says my credentials are invalid, I signed out of Ancestry and back in to make sure I had them correct which I did, then googled the issue and found this page, perhaps now even more concerned, will see if I can find the ‘update’ mentioned above….so frustrating we don’t get a lot fo time to do family research and we don’t want to spend the precious time we have dealing with software issues.

  20. @ Jean Thompson I opened FTM and went to “check for updates” in the dropdowns from the main bar at the top and it said there was one, I downloaded and installed 23.3 (its the free one) and now I am logged in again. Good Luck :-)

  21. Thanks Jean Thompson, The update worked. I can now log into FTM

  22. This may resolve your problem: On the upper right of the main screen you will see two “Log-In”s. One is for access to Ancestry, the other is for access to Familysearch.org. If you have a Familysearch account try logging in here first. If it shows that you can log in, then exit FTM. The problem is that Ancestry has instituted firewalls and done a poor job of it. The workaround is as follows: Install a VPNl stand-alone version, Windscribe. Establish your VPN coonection, preferably using the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia as the connection point. Reopen FTM and now try logging into Ancestry. The connection takes about a minutes but the access screen should now appear. You may have to follow this process in the future because the connection does drop; it could be the VPN or Ancestry. This is a known issue with Ancestry and FTM but they choose to do nothing about it.

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