Family Tree Maker not connecting to Ancestry.com

August 12, 2019

This post is for me in case this happens again in the future.

I couldn’t connect my Family Tree Maker (FTM) software to ancestry.com—the username and password were correct, but FTM kept telling me one of them was invalid. I even reset my password on ancestry.com but still I couldn’t connect. Then I remembered that I’d set two-factor authentication (2FA) on my ancestry.com account—perhaps that was it?

I disabled 2FA on my ancestry.com account, and was then able to successfully connect my FTM software to ancestry.com. I don’t upload my family tree to Ancestry, but like being able to search for a person’s details on Ancestry via the web search area in FTM.

Seems like they may not play nicely together if you have 2FA turned on.

Update August 2019: In the comments below, Jason says you need to append the authentication code sent to you to the end of the password. I haven’t tried it yet but will next time I’m back in Family Tree Maker and want to search Ancestry.com from there, Thanks Jason!


  1. When it texts you the authentication code, you just need to add it after your password when logging in through FTM, e.g. if the code is 123456, you’d enter “[yourpassword]123456” as the password

  2. Wow! Thanks for that, Jason. Great to know for future.


  3. I do NOT have two-factor authentication on my Ancestry.com account yet I keep getting the invalid username or password when I try to log on from family tree 2017 to my Ancestry account. Tried changing my password, turning off my anti virus, checking the date and time, but doesn’t help.Was on a chat with the company for over an hour and they cant fix it. So it is now useless. Worked fine last time I went on end of last year.

  4. Having the same problem. Always worked now it does not. Ancestry is no help and FTM is closed and wait time is pathetic. FTM is useless for sync to ancestry. Cant even get missing data from ancestry.

  5. I cant get FTM 2017 to sync with Ancestry. Log in button does not allow me to log on. Tried all the suggestions from the FTM tech people. What other program will allow we to bring my tree from Ancestry to a computer program?
    I am ready to move on.

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