I joined Twitter

March 31, 2009

I’m not sure why, and I sure don’t know how it all works yet, but everyone at the conference seems to be using it for all sorts of things, so I figured I should join and see what the fuss is all about. I can always delete the account if I find it’s just a bright shiny thing to distract me away from my normal day….

Thanks Char for helping me through some of the initial learning curve.

Oh, my Twitter username is @cybertext.

Update August 2009: Well, 5 months later and I’m still on Twitter! Fortunately I wasn’t exposed to too much “I’m brushing my teeth now” stuff otherwise I think I would have given it away. I’m really enjoying the conversations I’m having with other tech writers around the world whom I usually only see once a year (maybe) at a conference. And I get links to sites I wouldn’t normally come across. In fact, my experience pretty much parallels that of Mike Hughes here: http://user-assistance.blogspot.com/2009/08/social-web-this-old-dog-finally-gets-it.html. This old dog now gets it too! ;-)

[Link last checked August 2009]


  1. You have to check out this satirical video that Mike Stelzner linked to…


    I love the phrase “bite-sized yippity-yap”.

  2. I’d forgotten about that one! Thanks for sharing, Whitney.

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