Word: Add a euro symbol

February 5, 2020

There are several ways you can add a euro symbol in Microsoft Word for Windows:

  • Type (E) — as soon as you type the closing parenthesis, it converts to the euro symbol. If you really want to type (E) and NOT have it change to a euro, then immediately press Ctrl+z to undo that last action (conversion).
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+e.
  • Go to Insert > Symbol, select More Symbols, then from the Font list for (normal text), select the symbol (see the screenshot below), then click Insert.
  • Hold down the Alt key as you type 0128 on the keyboard’s number pad (this will NOT work for the numbers above the keys—you must use the number pad). Where did I get this number from? If you look at the bottom right of the screenshot below, you’ll see that the ASCII character code for a euro symbol is 128. I know that I need to add a zero in front of the number (I’ve forgotten how I know this!), so that’s where the 0128 comes from.

Screenshot of Symbol window, showing normal text selected as the font, and the Euro symbol selected from the table of symbols.

Thanks to JC for inspiring me to write this post and to investigate and test the various quick and easy ways to write this symbol.

One comment

  1. Rhonda
    There are heaps of symbols that are available from HTML as long as your font set supports them (TNR, Arial).
    I use a lot in my text book. Tricky ones are minusplus (Alt+8723), section symbol § (Alt+0167). The degree symbol is either Alt+0176 or 0186 depending a bit on font set and how you like the look of it. Minutes and seconds use Alt+8242 and 8243.
    Keep up the good work
    John Walker

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