You’d think they’d try to match what was there before

October 28, 2014

Spotted in Houston…. Not only is the lower case ‘g’  wrong,  but its size has altered the kerning between the first name and middle initial. Maybe they thought no-one would notice it on the upper concourse between the hotel and the convention centre.



  1. Hi Rhonda

    Here’s one from Perth – Brookfield Place (City Square).

    Cheers Gabriel

  2. Georger probably thought it was an honor to have this place named after himself.

    Wonder what he thinks now?

    Bet they took him in another entrance to show off the center

  3. Didn’t they do this because the “g” is the only letter on the line with a descender? I suspect if the baselines were aligned, the “g” would match up, font-wise.

  4. No. All the others at the other entrances are correct, Jim.

  5. Hey, everything is bigger in Texas – and getting bigger all the time! Sorry I was out of the country again when you came to H-town. Maybe next time….

  6. Wonder if this would occur if it were George Bush…

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