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Search MYOB Help files

October 11, 2007

UPDATE: The information below only applies to versions of MYOB prior to v17. I received v17 the other day, installed it today, went to make these modifications only to find that MYOB v17 now uses the excellent Zoom Search (I installed Zoom for a previous client’s intranet – it works really well and I can highly recommend it). The new MYOB search now allows you to specify the number of results per page.

Update December 2008: Unfortunately, the number of results you set for one search does not hold for a subsequent search — it defaults back to 10. It’s easy enough to change, but slightly annoying. Another thing about the MYOB search is that it doesn’t recognise a phrase surrounded by double-quotes. So if you search for card file or “card file” you get the same results. AND and OR are not supported either — both are treated as ‘stop’ words instead of Boolean operators. Speaking of ‘stop’ words, note is also a ‘stop’ word! I can understand why as there are plenty of notes labelled ‘Note” in this MYOB Help, but when you are legitimately trying to search for information about creating a “credit note”, you get hundreds of results as MYOB ignores the ‘note’ part altogether and just gives you results with the word ‘credit’ in them. In accounting software, you’re expect ‘credit’ to get lots of results…


Another thing I don’t like about the MYOB Help is that only 10 items per page get displayed when you do a search. This means a lot of clicking if the results are well over 100, for example.

So I’ve fixed that too! Here’s how:

  1. Go to where your MYOB program files are stored (e.g. C:\MYOB16; NOTE: the information below is not applicable to MYOB 17 or later).
  2. Open the Help folder.
  3. Find the searchtopframe.html file and open it in a text editor. (NOTE: I use EditPlus but any text editor will do; I just prefer text editors with colour coding as the syntax is easier to read.)
  4. Near the very top of this long file, find the line that starts var displaymatches = 10; (it’s around about line 18).
  5. Change the value from 10 to whatever you like – 25, 50, 100, or however many results you’d like to see on a single page of search results.
  6. Save your changes.
  7. Refresh your MYOB Help window.
  8. Do a search for something with a lot of results, such as balance. You should now see the number of results you asked to display on a single page, with appropriately labelled Next and Previous buttons.

Woohoo! I’m on a roll!