Word: Excellent presentation on some advanced tips for Microsoft Word

September 26, 2022

Canadian editor, Adrienne Montgomerie, recently did a presentation for the Northwest Editors Guild (based in Seattle). In it she covers a whole lot of Microsoft Word tricks that editors (and writers) can use in their daily work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBLjEuP_OSo

Her presentation runs for nearly 2 hours but it’s chock full of hints and tips. If you want to get through it a little quicker, adjust YouTube’s playback speed.

One thing I learned from this presentation that I’d never tried or seen in action was Immersive Reader (on the View tab)—I can see myself using some of those functions (like screen background colour) very soon. Track changes works in Immersive Reader view and nothing about the document’s layout changes, just how you see it on the screen. it looks perfect for editors who need to concentrate closely on particular aspects of a document without being distracted by other stuff.

Another thing I learned (maybe I knew it already but I’ve rarely used it) was that in addition to rearranging a document using Outline view (View tab), you can also move sections around within the Navigation pane. Just turn off track changes if you’re going to do this—Adrienne explains why in her presentation.

She also talks about adding a custom tab—I have full steps for doing that and for customising your Quick Access Toolbar in these posts:

[Link last checked September 2022]


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