Lost Facebook feed

May 3, 2022

A few days ago I lost my Facebook (FB) feed on my Chrome browser on my PC. I could see all the framework of the Facebook page, could see that notifications had come in, but when I opened those pages, they were blank too. This is what I saw for hours on end:

Neither rebooting the browser or my PC worked. I figured I’d wait for 24 hours to see if FB sorted itself out, as has happened before when FB goes awry. I knew that members of the various groups I’m in had complained the day or so before that their feeds had reverted to show quite old posts first, so I figured this may be related.

But then I opened FB on Chrome in my tablet (I do NOT use the FB app at all as I hate it), and it worked fine. Hmmm… something was different in Windows/Chrome compared to Android/Chrome. I have FB Purity and AdBlock Plus on my PC but there aren’t versions for Chrome on Android. I tried the easiest one first—I turned off AdBlock Plus for the FB page in Chrome on my PC and suddenly my feed came back!

I figured I’d wait a couple of days before trying AdBlock Plus on FB again to see if it still killed the feed, or if they’d fixed the incompatibility—it’s now fixed for the moment.

According to this blog post from AdBlock Plus, this back-and-forth between them and FB has been going on a while: https://blog.adblockplus.org/blog/ping-pong-with-facebook


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