Best. Unsolicited. Testimonial. Ever

October 11, 2021

One of my geology clients wrote a LinkedIn article that both praised me enthusiastically AND promoted the use of editors (October 2021). The article is here: What to do when the write right words won’t come out, and a PDF of it is saved here.

Two other clients also added their praises for my work in their comments for that LinkedIn article; my client had referred me to both of them in the past year:

  • We worked with Rhonda Bracey on a major project in the past year and had a fabulous experience – we all agreed that having a professional editor was worth the additional cost. (JL, Canada, minerals exploration company)
  • Rhonda is a godsend Jun! I’m so grateful you put me onto her! This article is great; shows everyone they CAN share their ideas and contribute to our science, even if they lack the confidence in writing to do so – they just need to source the right help! Love it (MH, Perth, structural geologist)

Yes, I blushed! But I think I might be able to put that imposter syndrome to bed now.


  1. Hi Rhonda

    I quite agree. What a tremendous — and well deserved — testimonial.

    I do hope your hubby’s not the jealous type!

    Meanwhile, I was sooo disappointed that the editor’s Spring seminar was cancelled because I was looking forward to catching up with you in person.

    The WA editors committee hasn’t seemed to have heard of marketing or promotion, or if they have, they didn’t direct it to the seminar.

    More cross than disappointed.

    Still, I hope our paths cross before too long.

    Kind regards and best wishes,


  2. He was fine with it — had quite a laugh! And yes, I ran the ‘affair’ stuff by him before it was published just to make sure :-) Not that I needed his permission, of course, but it’s just common courtesy.


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