Chrome: Ctrl+f works intermittently

May 4, 2021

Something that’s bugged me about Chrome for ages is that Ctrl+f (to find) only works sometimes. It tends to work the first time after opening Chrome, but if you go to another page or tab or refresh the page you’re on, it doesn’t always work. I hate intermittent bugs because they are hard to replicate and find a pattern for. Anyhow, this inconsistent behaviour bugged me enough that I went off to the internet to see what others do to get it working, and I found these possible solutions:

  • Ctrl+g, which reopens the Find box (Note: The official function for Ctrl+g is to go to the next matching item in the find, but it seems to work even if you haven’t been able to run Find on the current tab)
  • Click the 3 dots at the top right of Chrome then click Find—yes, it’s more cumbersome than Ctrl+f, but it seems to work every time, not just occasionally (the 3 dots are Google’s answer to a traditional menu bar; personally I’d prefer a menu bar!)

One comment

  1. Thanks for that tip, that will really help me out. I don’t use as many keyboard shortcuts as I’d like (my memory isn’t what it used to be), but Ctrl+F is one I use a lot. If going to the three dots gets me to ‘Find’, well that will just have to do.

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