Word: Keyboard shortcuts for macros are not working

March 24, 2021

Whoa! I just discovered this one. All of a sudden my keyboard shortcuts to apply specific macros weren’t working. I’d been using them extensively on a 300p document, but suddenly they stopped working. I closed the document and reopened it, but that didn’t make any difference. I tried a couple of other things, but nope, they still didn’t work. I checked that the keyboard shortcuts were still assigned to those macros, and they were. And the macros worked fine if I ran them from the Macros window. So, there was nothing wrong with the macros or the keyboard assignments.

And then I spotted it—the light for CAPS LOCK was on. Could that be it? It was! When I turned it off, my keyboard shortcuts worked fine. To test it, I turned CAPS LOCK back on and the keyboard shortcuts didn’t work. Turned it off, and they did.

What this means is that keyboard shortcuts you assign to Word macros seem to be case sensitive.


  1. Thanks, Rhonda, that’s good to know. It can waste a huge amount of time looking for things like that. I spent a good while (and troubled my colleagues with a forum post) trying to figure out why I could no longer type an en dash on my Mac using alt+hyphen; it was because I had the Unicode keyboard active!

  2. Dear Rhonda: Thanks for sharing this tip!

  3. Great catch! I’ll have to pay more attention to that as well. Thanks.

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