Using Logitech Capture software with a Logitech C270 webcam

March 3, 2021

The Logitech C270 webcam is very limited in its settings. You can adjust it a little (see this earlier blog post of mine: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2020/07/29/logitech-c270-webcam-settings/), but you can’t use the more advanced Logitech Capture software (https://www.logitech.com/en-au/product/capture) with the C270 ‘out of the box’. According to the requirements on that Logitech Capture webpage, the C270 is not supported hardware for that software, and if you download the software anyway, it won’t recognise your C270 webcam.

However, one of my readers, Collin, in a comment on my original post, described how to get Capture to work with the C270. I’ve rewritten his instructions below, adding some screenshots and things I found when I followed them. These instructions are for Windows 10.

NOTE: Update February 2022: If you update the Capture software, then you will have to redo all these steps, so unless there’s a compelling reason to update it, leave it be. And if you do update and can’t save your changes because of a permissions issue, then save as a TXT file to another folder, then delete the TXT extension and copy the file back to the bin folder, saying yes for the admin permissions.

  1. Download the Capture software from the Logitech website.
  2. Virus check the exe file (as you should with any software you download), then install it.
  3. On the Start button, search for and open Device Manager.
  4. Expand Cameras or Imaging Devices (on my computer, my webcam was listed under Imaging Devices—I didn’t have Cameras listed at all).
  5. Right-click on the name of the webcam and select Properties.
  6. On the Properties window, click the Details tab.
  7. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Property field and select Hardware Ids.
  8. The IDs are listed and you will need these in later steps. You can either leave this window open (easiest) or copy them to Notepad (or a similar text editor). The settings for MY webcam are shown below—your VID or PID values may be different, so don’t use those in this screenshot.
  9. Now you need to change the Capture configuration file to add your webcam to the list of supported cameras. Go to the C:\Program Files\Logitech\LogiCapture\bin folder.
  10. Find the LogiCapture.exe.config file.
  11. Optional: Just to be safe, copy this file and rename the copy as z_original_LogiCapture.exe.config—if things don’t work, you can always delete the file you’re about to modify, then remove the z_original_ part of this file’s name to revert back to the original.
  12. Open the LogiCapture.exe.config file in Notepad (or a similar text editor; I use EditPlus).
  13. Press Ctrl+F to open the Find window.
  14. In the Find What field, type HD Pro Webcam C920, then click Find.
  15. The first line found will start with <device guid= and end with that device’s name.
  16. Put your cursor in front of <device guid= for that line, then select from there to the first </device> line you find. (My Edit Plus software shows line numbers and the first line is 301 and the last line for the settings for that device is line 389, so you’ve got a bit of scrolling to do).
  17. Once you’ve selected that whole section for that device, copy it.
  18. Go to the end of the </device> line from Step 16 above, press Enter to create a new line, then paste the selected lines for the original device.
  19. You now need to modify this new section. Don’t worry—you only have to change information on the first line.
  20. In this new section, change the name from Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 to Logitech HD Webcam C270 (or whatever YOUR device is called in Device Manager—refer back to the open Device Manager window to get the exact name).
  21. The other two things you may have to change are the VID and PID values in the first line. Again, go back to the list of Device Manager hardware IDs for your device. In my case (the screenshot in Step 8), the VID ID was 046D and that was already listed in my first line, so I didn’t need to change it. However, the original PID was 082D and I needed to change that to 0825 (remember, YOUR values may be different). My changes looked like this:
  22. Save the file. You may be asked to save with Admin privileges—click the option to do so.
  23. Check the file name still ends with .config and not .config.txt—if it ends with .txt, delete that part of the file name and click OK when you get the warning that this could make the file unusable.
  24. You can now close Device Manager and any text editor program you have open.

Confirm that Capture can see your C270 webcam

  1. Open the Logitech Capture software.
  2. When you first open it, no source (i.e. camera) is selected—you have to tell the software what webcam you’re using.
  3. Click Source 1 in the left panel.
  4. Click the arrow next to None to see all available Logitech webcams you have installed.
  5. Assuming you followed all the instructions above correctly, you should see your Logitech C270 webcam listed.
  6. Select it. Your webcam will turn on.
  7. You can now use all the setting options in the left panel to adjust light, zoom etc. As you change the settings, the camera image on the right changes to reflect those settings. NOTE: Collin recommended that you DON’T change the resolution to anything higher than 720p (the default for me); in his words ‘it will just look like crap’. He also said that some other settings may be incompatible, but only trial and error will show what they are. All the settings I tried for 720p resolution seemed to work, except those that are locked unless you are signed into Logitech.

Again, thank you Collin for the information that allowed me to use Capture software with my ‘unsupported’ Logitech webcam.

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  1. […] Update March 2021: You can use Logitech’s Capture software with this webcam (which isn’t normally supported) if you make some tweaks to the Capture config file. See Collin’s comment from March 2021 below, or, for full instructions, which screenshots, see this blog post: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2021/03/03/using-logitech-capture-software-with-a-logitech-c270-webc&#8230; […]

  2. Thanks Rhonda. I spent ages trying to use Capture with my Logitech Brio camera and finally gave up and used the fairly limited Logitech Camera settings program instead. I’m looking forward to trying Capture again.

    Best regards, Catherine

  3. Hi Catherine

    I noticed that at least one type of Brio was in the config file, so you should probably search for that first and make sure the settings match the actual settings for your camera and tweak as necessary. The C270 isn’t listed in the config file at all, which is why a new device GUID had to be created for it in the instructions above.


  4. Amazing advice! Thanks a lot, the picture looks 3x better now.

    Also, it is worth mentioning you will need to select Logitech Capture virtual device instead of the USB device directly, if you want to use your settings in video calls.

  5. Thanks for creating this topic! It works perfectly with my C270. Alex

  6. is there any way to mirror/flip image in c270?

  7. It worked… In my second attempt. Because I didn’t paid attention to create the new line (STEP 18) after the original. Did it before the original.
    The Admin privileges was a trouble. So, I saved the edited file in the Desktop and moved to the correct folder.

    Thanks, guys!

  8. Really detailed tutorial and I really like it. However, I get an error message saying the following:
    There was a problem starting C:\ProgramFiles\Logitech\LogiCapture\bin..\VHMediaCOM.dll

    The specified module could not be found.

    Any ideas on how to bypass this somehow? I would really like to get my C270 that I got for Christmas working. Good tutorial aswell!

  9. Hi Mina

    I just searched my C drive and I have TWO VHMediaCOM.dll files — one under C:\Program Files \Logitech\LogiCapture\bin\bin32 (4555 KB) and one under C:\Program Files \Logitech\LogiCapture\bin (5881 KB). Both were installed at the same time While they COULD be the same file repeated, the difference in file sizes indicates that they aren’t. I’d try uninstalling the LogiCapture software, then reinstalling it to see if that sorts it out.


  10. I tried reinstalling twice, but it still wouldn’t work. I get the same error message. One thing I am a little suspicious about is that I get an error saving. It says I need to be an admin to save in that file. What I do to solve the problem is saving the document in downloads and drag it over in the bin folder (Logitech’s bin) I don’t think that it is a problem, however, it may be the problem.


  11. Thank you thank you so much!! I discovered this blog first time while i was searching a solution for this problem. Thank you, i did it, it works perfectly! Such a detalied solution writing :) Thank you again, greeting from Turkey…

  12. Is it possible to zoom out our image while we’re in a meeting? The Logitech camera zoom in/zoom out settings (+ – symbols on the right side of the screen) does not work for me.

  13. Thank you so much.

  14. Thanks a lot broski, worked for me

  15. didn’ work for me..

  16. So much trouble. I was fine until the administrator/saving issue. I spent 4 hours trying to fix it. Forget it! I’ll just buy another camera with supported software. I’ve had this camera for over a year now, and still can’t use it as its intended. Someone needs to alert Logitech to this issue or do they know and won’t help it’s customers? Ridiculous! Why don’t they fix this?

  17. Thank you so much… It worked for me on the second attempt. First time I did not add “” as a new line after adding the details for the c270. The whole program would not start. The second attempt worked beautifully.

  18. I’ve been fighting with this cam for months. I am using it regularly with the rudimentary settings but would like to get more out of it. Before I waste any more time, can you tell me if the same process will work with Windows 11?

  19. Thanks a lot broski, worked for me

  20. Hi Dick

    I believe there’s not a lot of difference between Windows 10 (which I use) and Windows 11, so I would expect this to work on Windows 11 as well. You won’t break anything if you try, especially if you make a copy of the exe file BEFORE you change it — if it doesn’t work, you can always revert to that copy.


  21. Dude, I don’t know who you are, but you’r my hero.
    Thanks a lot. :)

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