Variations in internet speed

February 11, 2021

A Facebook friend posted some speed checks that compared what he was getting via the NBN and via his 5G-enabled phone in Perth, which has some 5G coverage. The numbers were dramatically different.

But then I did some checking of my own and found that the type of connection, type of device, distance from the modem etc. all have a part to play in what speed you’re actually getting. Here were my results from this morning (all were done using speedtest.net or the Speedtest app on my Android phone):

  • Windows 10 PC, wired via Cat 5 cable to network hub to modem to NBN micronode (my plan is with iinet and is for 100 mbps down / 40 up): 100.48 up / 37.8 down (and it’s been as steady as a rock since we had the NBN installed, even increasing from a baseline of about 85 mbps down when we first got it to just over 100 now—we’re getting exactly what we pay for)
  • Oppo 5G-enabled mobile phone, using Wifi to the same setup above, and in the same room as the modem (i.e. within 2 metres of the Wifi signal): 84.9 / 37.8
  • Same phone, using Wifi, but in the kitchen (2 to 3 rooms away from the modem, brick walls): 52 / 36
  • Same phone, using Wifi, but in the furthest bedroom (3 to 4 rooms away from the modem, brick walls): 31.5 / 35.1
  • Same phone as above, but with Wifi turned off and using Telstra’s mobile coverage, WITH a Telstra-licensed cell booster device inside the house as the signal is so bad without it, I can’t make or take calls: 9.05 / 0.21 (this was the worst of all)
  • Same phone, with Wifi turned off, using Telstra’s mobile coverage, and inside a shop in Bunbury, Western Australia (NOT a 5G coverage areas as yet): 124 / 22.4



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