Webroot taking up most of CPU

January 13, 2021

On bootup this morning, the fan noise indicated that my computer’s CPU was burdened with some resource-hungry process. Task Manager showed me Webroot—a program I’ve used for several years without a single issue—was using between 60 and 90% of CPU resources. I figured it was doing some sort of scan in the background and listened for it to finish. It didn’t (I waited an hour).

Other things I checked while Webroot was active:

  • System tray icon — missing
  • Right-click option to scan a particular folder/file — the option was there, but nothing happened when I clicked it
  • Open Webroot — wouldn’t open
  • Searched Google for possible solutions — several were listed on the Webroot forums, including reinstalling the program. However, I decided to try the least invasive first, which was reboot my computer.

After restarting my computer, all was well:

  • The CPU fans were no longer going crazy and the Webroot CPU usage was around 2% or less
  • System tray icon was back
  • Right-click scan of a file worked
  • Webroot program opened without issue.

So, a simple reboot worked for me.


  1. When something like this happens to me, I suspect a virus. I guess if a restarting the computer resolves the issue that means it wasn’t a virus?

  2. I assume not. Webroot is an AV program, and the forums showed this happens occasionally. It just happened to me that day, and is the first time it happened. Restarting fixed it, and it’s fine again today.


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