Clipboard popup in system tray area

January 5, 2021

Here’s a weird one. J was copy/pasting from Firefox into Notepad. He had Word open in the background but wasn’t using Word. All of a sudden, he started getting a popup in the system tray area for ‘1 of 24 items on the clipboard’ every time he copied something from Firefox (text, URL, etc.). He’d never seen it before, and nor had I. Because the popup showed from the system tray, and because he wasn’t using Word at the time (although Word was open), I assumed it was Windows 10 was creating this popup, but it wasn’t—it was Office.

My first check was the Windows 10 system settings. However, the clipboard history option was already turned off (Settings > System > Clipboard). A bit more Googling and I found another possible solution that didn’t involve modifying the Registry (last resort option!). I tried it—and it worked! But it certainly wasn’t an intuitive place to look.

  1. Open Word (if not already open). (Note: These steps may work in any Office program, not just Word).
  2. On the Home tab, click the small dialog launcher arrow at the bottom right of the Clipboard group. This opens the Clipboard panel.
  3. At the bottom of the Clipboard panel, click Options.
  4. Check the settings—if Show Status Near Taskbar When Copying is checked, click it to clear the check mark.
  5. Check the other option settings as well and turn off those you don’t want.

After turning it off, J did another copy/paste and the popup had gone. Problem solved!

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