WordPress.com: Classic editor

November 23, 2020

NOTE 1: The method below no longer works. As at the end of March 2021, it seems WordPress.com has forced us all into using the (hated by me) block editor, and I can’t see an easy way to get the Classic Editor back. However, I found out how to set up WordPress to allow you to follow the instructions below. You need to go to your profile, then change and save the dashboard appearance setting. Once you’ve done that, the information below should work. See https://wordpress.com/support/classic-editor-guide/ for further details.  

NOTE 2: Another method is to start a new post, then add ?classic-editor after the URL in the browser’s address line for the new post and press Enter. So, instead of https://YourBlogsName.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php, you get https://YourBlogsName.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php?classic-editor. (I found this tip at https://anihilistabroad.com/2021/02/22/quickly-force-wordpress-classic-editor-permanently-prevent-block-editor/)

This blog and my personal blog are hosted on WordPress.com. Recently they forced everyone to use their new Block Editor for writing and editing posts. I (along with many others) HATED it. It prevented you from, you know, actually writing! Trying to figure out how to add a bullet list was an exercise in frustration, to put it mildly. Or even how to switch to HTML and write with tags. They added a Classic Editor plug-in/add-in, but you had to set it every time you wanted to write a post. It was clunky at best.

The negative reaction from users must have been so bad that they seem to have had a change of heart. Yes, the Block Editor is still the default when you select to add a new post from the dashboard, but if you go another way, you can select the Classic Editor and get the familiar interface you’ve used for years.

How to create a new post with the Classic Editor:

  1. From the Dashboard, hover over Posts and select All Posts. Do NOT select Add Post otherwise you get the Block Editor. You have to select All Posts.
    Select ALL Posts from the Posts options on the dashboard
  2. In the All Post view, click the drop-down arrow next to Add New (at the top), and choose Classic Editor.
    Select Classic Editor from the Add New drop-down list

How to edit a post with the Classic Editor:

  1. From the Dashboard, hover over Posts and select All Posts.
  2. Find the post you want to edit.
  3. Hover over its title to display the editing options.
  4. Click Classic Editor.
    Select Classic Editor from the editing options displayed when you hover over the post's title


  1. I hate block editor too. That’s why I stopped recommending WordPress.com for blogging.

  2. Yep, I basically stopped blogging because that editor is so difficult to use. This is helpful – thanks!

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