Facebook and FB Purity

October 29, 2020

Facebook (FB) and FB Purity (FBP) are having a bit of a war at the moment. Since FB introduced the ‘new look’, which most people seem to hate, FBP has been trying to revert to the classic look via one of their options. It initially had some some success, and then not, and then again, and then not, as FB closed loopholes in its code.

One of the things I noticed when viewing FB via Chrome on a desktop was that if I had classic look turned on in FBP and even if it wasn’t displaying the classic look because of this skirmish, the screen would refresh and jump OFTEN, and I’d get duplicate posts from some people.

Then this morning when I deliberately refreshed FB in Chrome, FB redirected me to the mobile site (GRRR!) and told me I was using an unsupported browser!!

I figured all these issues might relate to the FBP skirmish, so I turned off the classic look option under the FBP toolbar icon in Chrome (it wasn’t working anyway), and all of a sudden I could get the usual FB desktop site, the auto refresh thing disappeared, and I don’t see duplicate posts.

I’ve still got that horrible new look—I can live with that for now, and hope that FBP can figure out how to get the classic look back.

Meantime, I hope this post helps someone else who has had the same issues.

(As an aside, you don’t want to ask me how much I HATE the new block editing stuff in WordPress.com—I just want to write a blog post, perhaps add a screenshot or two, not sell hipster dude coffee!)


  1. I’m not too familiar with wordpress.com, but in a stand-alone wordpress site you can use the “Classic Editor” plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/
    Can you add plugins on wordpress.com?

    I hadn’t heard of FBP before, hopefully they can sort out the skirmish because that looks like a very useful add-on!

  2. I don’t even know what FBP is (though I got the gist) and YES to everything you said!

    Toni Taylor
    Water Resources Specialist/Educator
    Spokane County Environmental Services

  3. I’ve been having the same type of issues. FB worked fine IF I disabled the Purity. When I added it back they continue to make me use the mobile site…on the computer, saying the browser is unsupported. I’m stuck in mobile version now. In the safari browser I switched to the old version, they let you switch back for 48 hours with an explanation of why. I’ve done that a few times, and have lodged a bunch of complaints – I firmly believe they are punishing me for using FBP

  4. to get the normal facebook back, just turn off FBP’s “Switch back to the old facebook design” option, the option is not in the usual FBP options screen, its accessible via the blue, red and white button in the browser’s extensions toolbar (the toolbar to the right of the browser’s Web Address/URL bar, If it is not visible there, click the grey button towards the end of the extensions toolbar and it should appear.

  5. BTW theres a new working version of Revert Site, currently available only for Firefox and Opera, that can get the old facebook design back: https://is.gd/revertsitefirefox & https://is.gd/revertsiteopera

  6. Thanks Mywellin. As I mentioned in my post, I have already turned off the ‘old design’ option under the toolbar icon, and doing that stopped a lot of the issues. I’ll wait for the Chrome add-in… Meantime, I’ve donated to FBP again – every bit helps, I’m sure.


  7. Update: Even though I disabled FBP in Chrome it was still giving the m.facebook redirect. I forgot about the Revert extension. I removed it and like magic they let me use Facebook in desktop mode. So…the only way I can use facebook is without FBP or the Revert extension. I can get the 48 hour reprieve through one of my pages.

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