IPEd Conference 2019: Workshop day

May 12, 2019

Last week (8 to 10 May 2019) I attended the biennial IPEd Conference (Institute of Professional Editors, the national association of Australian [and now New Zealand] editors), held in Melbourne at the Pullman on the Park hotel. These notes summarise MY experience at the conference and my opinions and represent no-one else’s experience or opinions. 

IPEd held several half-day pre-conference workshops the day before the conference started, for an extra cost of $175 per workshop. I attended ‘Mastering Macros: Understanding the full potential of Word’, presented by Kevin O’Brien.

I was familiar with much of what Kevin had to say, but I did learn a couple of new things. He covered the basics of macros very comprehensively, then got us to record our own macro, assign macros to keyboard shortcuts, modify a macro in the VBA window (e.g. add a loop command), and helped us debug a failing macro. The sample template he provided has many macros, some of which I may add to my suite of useful macros once I’ve had time to test them out.


The first official event of the conference was the Welcome Reception, held after all the workshops were finished. The catering staff were very good in providing drinks, but it did take a while for the food to come out to soak up the alcohol. However, when it did it was excellent finger food—hot, small enough to eat in one or perhaps two bites, with a lot of variety. I only stayed for about an hour (it got very noisy, with a couple of hundred delegates all chatting) and then headed back to my nearby hotel (I didn’t stay at the conference venue).

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  3. Thank you so much Rhonda for these notes on the conference. I attended many of the same sessions and am in awe of your note-taking and summarising abilities. Very generous of you to share.

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