Word: Insert a degree symbol

September 22, 2018

There’s a special character for a degree, so don’t make the mistake of superscripting a lower case ‘o’. Instead, use one of these methods to insert a proper degree symbol in Microsoft Word:

  • If you have a separate number pad, then press Alt+0176 (press and hold the Alt key while you type 0176)
  • For any keyboard with or without a number pad, press Ctrl+Shift+@.
  • Go to the Insert tab > Symbol — the degree symbol is character code = 00B0, Unicode (hex)
  • If you have Math AutoCorrect turned on, then type \degree (to turn on Math AutoCorrect: File > Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options > Math AutoCorrect tab).

If you have a lot of superscripted lower case ‘o’ characters used instead of a proper degree symbols, you can search for them and replace them with the correct symbol:

  1. Open the Find and Replace window (Ctrl+h).
  2. In the ‘Find what’ field, type a lower case o.
  3. With your cursor still in the ‘Find what’ field, click More.
  4. Click Format and select Font.
  5. Click the Superscript checkbox until it has a check mark in it.
  6. Click OK to close the Find Font window.
  7. Put your cursor in the ‘Replace with’ field.
  8. Type ^0176
  9. With your cursor still in the ‘Replace with’ field, click Format and select Font.
  10. Click the Superscript checkbox until it is clear. You may have to click it twice.
  11. Check your Find and Replace window looks like the screenshot below. If it does, click Find Next and then Replace for each one found.

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  1. If all fail, there’s a special character app for Windows from Chrome Store. Good work there you do

  2. Thank you for revealing the keyboard equivalent. This will be very helpful every day.

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  4. best way to insert degree symbol Alt+0176

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