How a copyeditor can help your business

July 24, 2018

I found this excellent image on Northern Editorial’s website (an editing company based in the UK)—it sums up all the sorts of things I do, with the aim of making you (and your communications) look better.

The text on this image is:

Copy Editors Help Your Business because…

  • They catch: bias, blindspots, politically incorrect language, potential libel, offensive language, copyright problems.
  • They see: what you wrote, not what you thought you wrote; what the reads see, not what you see; holes in our argument; padding in your prose.
  • They find: repetition, overused phrases, ambiguity.
  • They check: readability, facts, links.
  • They fix errors in: grammar, punctuation, format, style, voice.
  • They spot: missing information, mislabelled information, wrong information.
  • They uphold: quality, credibility, standards.
  • They are invisible; they are valuable; they get your message out there and make you look better.

Thanks for allowing us to share this, Northern Editorial!


  1. Brilliant, I’m doing some of those things tomorrow!! Bill Bill Biggs bill.biggs@baacs.com.au 0418 943 624

  2. Hi Rhonda

    Quick question, what size do you recommend for pictures/photos for inclusion in reports without blowing out the size of the file?

    Regards Bill

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