How a copyeditor can help your business

July 24, 2018

I found this excellent image on Northern Editorial’s website (an editing company based in the UK)—it sums up all the sorts of things I do, with the aim of making you (and your communications) look better.

The text on this image is:

Copy Editors Help Your Business because…

  • They catch: bias, blindspots, politically incorrect language, potential libel, offensive language, copyright problems.
  • They see: what you wrote, not what you thought you wrote; what the reads see, not what you see; holes in our argument; padding in your prose.
  • They find: repetition, overused phrases, ambiguity.
  • They check: readability, facts, links.
  • They fix errors in: grammar, punctuation, format, style, voice.
  • They spot: missing information, mislabelled information, wrong information.
  • They uphold: quality, credibility, standards.
  • They are invisible; they are valuable; they get your message out there and make you look better.

Thanks for allowing us to share this, Northern Editorial!

Update September 2018: Intelligent Editing, the creators of PerfectIt, one of my go-to editing tools, blogged about why you should hire an editor: https://intelligentediting.com/blog/you-should-hire-an-editor/


  1. Brilliant, I’m doing some of those things tomorrow!!

  2. Hi Rhonda

    Quick question, what size do you recommend for pictures/photos for inclusion in reports without blowing out the size of the file?

    Regards Bill

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