Synology NAS: Change file path for DLNA access

March 27, 2018

This post is for future me, and anyone else who may find it useful!


I wanted to access music (stored on my Synology Diskstation NAS) through my Samsung (not-very-smart-because-it’s-7-years-old) TV. The TV was looking for ../music as the DLNA file path, but that’s not the folder I use for my music. I couldn’t find where to change the setting either on the TV (not possible) or in the Synology Diskstation settings.

With the help of the wonderful Raj at PC Guru, I found where to change it (see below) and now the NAS is indexing the music files ready for playback via the TV.


  1. Go to Control Panel on the Synology Diskstation interface.
  2. Scroll down to Indexing Service and select it.
  3. Click Indexed Folder.
  4. Click in the row for the file path you want to change. In my case I wanted to change ‘music’ to ‘jukebox’ so I clicked the ‘music’ row.
  5. Click Edit to open the Edit Indexed Folder window.
  6. Change the folder name to the path you want, or click the Select button to select the folder you want your TV to see. In my case, I changed the folder path for music to /Jukebox.
  7. If it’s not already selected, select the file type for this folder (i.e. Music in my case).
  8. Optional: You can change the name of the indexed folder — according to Raj, this changes what you see displayed on your TV when choosing your media type. I was happy to leave it as music.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Click Apply.
  11. You’ll likely have to re-index your media files so the TV can see them all — click Re-index to start that process. Re-indexing can take quite some time, depending on how many files you have stored in that folder on the NAS.
  12. To test that it all works, go to your TV and see if you can see the files and folders. In my case (Samsung TV), I had to chose the DLNA device from my list of sources, then the big icon for Music, and then navigate into the folders to find the music — for my test, only those files/folders that had been indexed displayed. Once the indexing has finished, they should all be visible.


  1. I found the information useful, with a possible addition. Unless you re-index every time you add, you need to schedule the services to re-index. Not sure if this will work. Regards.

  2. Ken, Please read this with the gentlest, kindest, sweetest intentions, since that is how it is written. As an owner of a Synology NAS for over 10 years through two models, currently the DS916+, I can share that when you add a file to the NAS, the DLNA media indexing happens instantly, on the fly so that a second later it is in the DLNA index, able to be used. You can do a file copy in one window and have VLC open separately to see when it is finished. It happens so fast that I’ve never been able to measure the time. In all this time I only performed manual reindexing a few times and this includes through swapping out drives for higher capacity ones. Good luck and best wishes all.

    Flame shields UP.

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