Endnote notes

September 16, 2017

These notes are for me, and were taken while I was attending an Endnote workshop prior to the IPEd conference in Brisbane, Australia, in September 2017. I’m documenting them here as my ‘brain dump’ as I know I won’t be able to read my handwriting after a few days! They may not be of use to anyone else.

  • Authors may put data into the wrong fields and therefore get an incorrect bibliography.
  • Authors may have chosen the incorrect reference type for the material (e.g. book, instead of journal article).
  • You can create your own style for your organisation. The easiest way is to display the refs list in an existing style  (e.g. Harvard), then click Edit > Output Styles > Edit ‘name of style’, then immediately do File > Save As and give your new style a name. THEN you can modify it to suit.
  • If the new output style doesn’t have a bibliography template for the reference type, copy the one from the closest to it (e.g. from Book), then click Reference Types and choose the new type from the list. Paste in the template formatting, then modify.
  • To add a new citation into an existing group of citations (e.g. ‘2, 5, 7, 8’), first convert citations to unformatted, add the new one, reformat, then update citations and bibliography.
  • To change the font etc. Word uses for the bibliography (by default it seems to be Times New Roman), do this in Word: Go to the Endnote tab, click the dialog launcher button in the Bibliography group, select the Layout tab, change the font etc.
  • You can have multiple libraries open at once but only the topmost one is the active one. Make sure if you have more than one Word doc open that you are using the correct Endnote library for the correct Word doc (ask me how I know this….).
  • Multiple docs can use refs from the one library.

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