Plain language writing

October 29, 2015

Last week I presented a session titled Plain language writing: Tips for delivering complex messages to a general audience at the inaugural Perth Business Writers’ Conference.

The full deck of slides (but not the exercises) and the plain language alternatives handout are available on my website: http://cybertext.com.au/10490.htm

[Link last checked October 2015]


  1. Hi Rhonda! I’m mad about Plain Language! Could you please share the exercises and the plain language alternatives handout. Because this is the most curious thing of it.

  2. The alternatives are available on the website. People paid money to come to this presentation — I think I’m being more than generous making the slides and alternatives handout available for free; the exercises were tailored for the specific audience and are NOT free.

  3. Oh, I see) Thank you

  4. Wow, thank you for sharing this Rhonda, you are right, very generous of you, it’s such a helpful resource!

  5. This is excellent. But I am shocked that this type of presentation is still required.

    I am now retired but all this information was being presented when I was still working. It seems that people are still entering the workforce in need of this vital information about why plain language matters and how to write plain. So much effort has been put in by individuals and groups all over the world to promote plain language over the last 30-40 years and we are still teaching this.

    Obviously people are leaving university and entering the workforce with poor communication skills.

    Oh well keeps a lot of you employed in teaching this and creating friendly documents for others. Apparently this is such a specialised skill that it will always be outsourced to specialised writers and designers. But what about the small inhouse communication tasks that are left to full time staff to cobble together?

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