Epic fail, Samsung

May 29, 2015

An epic failure of design and of support, and a waste of 2 hours of my time. And I still don’t have a solution.




I was trying to change the battery in the Samsung mini remote control for my TV. I couldn’t remove the battery cover. So after checking the manual, getting my husband to try, and then checking online for solutions, I start an online ‘live chat’ with Samsung Support. After some mild pleasantries and discussion of what I’ve already done, we get to this (my asides in italics):

Support: Can you see a small space which can enter your nails to remove it?

Me: NO. Only the thin line between the compartment and unit. There’s nowhere to put a fingernail or screwdriver. No lip, No latch. Nothing. It should be easier than this!

Support: I do apologise for the inconvenience.

Me: Is there a YouTube video that shows how to remove it?

Support: I do apologise as we are unable to access third party website. Have you tried searching it?

Me: yes, for about an hour before I started the chat. What use is a remote control that doesn’t have an easy way to change the battery?

Support: I understand. If that would be the case, we recommend to have it checked by our technician.

Me: That’s ridiculous! Can I get a replacement mini remote?

Support: I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Me: Not your fault, but a SERIOUS design issue if the battery can’t be changed!

Support: If you wish to purchase a mini remote control, you need to get in touch with our major service centre for spare parts.

Me: So, there’s no way you can tell me how to change the battery? Why is it so tough to turn? Is it glued in? Can we prise the unit apart?

Support: Have you tried press the battery? Let see if it will bounce back.

Me: No, that didn’t work. (It’s the compartment I’m trying to open to get to the battery, so obviously it’s impossible to press the battery if I can’t open the compartment!)

Support: Have you also tried using your nails to turn counterclockwise?

Me: It’s already turned counterclockwise. Trying to use fingernails would wreck your nails. There’s a slot for a coin. I used a coin. As I told you at the beginning. It WON’T turn freely and once turned it WON’T pop out.

Support: What about clockwise? (BTW, the manual says counterclockwise!!)

Me: No. It wouldn’t go clockwise when I first tried, and now that it’s counterclockwise and with all the attempts I’ve made with a coin, it won’t turn clockwise now either as the slot is burred by forcing the coin. I give up.

Support: As we have exhausted the needed steps, it will best to have it checked by our technician. I understand just how frustrating this issue has become for you, and I apologise for the inconvenience.

(UNBELIEVABLE!!! Exhausted all the steps??? What steps? I’d already DONE the steps before I contacted them!! He offered nothing more and had no clue. His only solution was to send it to their techie. For an issue related to opening a battery compartment!!! What good would that do? We still wouldn’t know how to open it successfully.)

Me: what does that involve? Will you pay postage both ways?

Support: You need to bring the remote control on the service centre and our technician will check it. I’m unable to quote any amount. The cost of the repair will be provided after the assessment.

Me: Forget it. It’s not a repair! It’s a design fault!!! And I live outside of a country town. Do you have a service centre in XXXX, Western Australia?

Support: I understand. I am very sorry for the trouble.

(He then gives me an address in Canning Vale, Perth [Unit 3, 7 Mordaunt Circuit, Canning Vale, 6155; ph 08 6258 0000]… a 4-hour round trip for me. For a battery compartment that won’t open… I’ll take it into Harvey Norman’s next time I’m in XXXX to see if they can figure it out… This has taken nearly 2 hours so far and I still can’t open the battery compartment! Sheesh!)

Update 31 May 2015: So, the guy at Harvey Norman’s wasn’t able to open the battery compartment either!! However, he did give me some vital info and that was to match up the two tiny dots (one on the compartment cover and the other on the unit). That info was NOT in the manual. With a large screwdriver he was able to turn the compartment cover a bit more, but not enough to line up the dots. Again, the only other option was to force it open, thus running the risk of breaking it. He spent 20 minutes on it… With the cost of my time, his time, the Samsung Support person’s time, this has cost a LOT for no result. In hindsight it would’ve been cheaper ($35) to buy an after-market remote in the hope that it worked… My husband suggests sending the remote to the Samsung tech people in Perth, with a note explaining everything done so far – he reckons they might replace it. I may just do that.

Update 3 June 2015: I called Samsung Support in Australia. The guy couldn’t help me (and also said it shouldn’t be this hard) and referred me to the Canning Vale service centre. The lady there couldn’t help either and said they couldn’t repair it and I’d have to consider purchasing a new one from the spare parts division. She put me through to them. I could get a replacement remote for $30 direct from Samsung (I’d seen them online for $35 so thought that was a good deal), but when I enquired about postage I was told it had to come from Sydney, would take 7+ days (that would be 10+ days to get to me), and postage was $20!!!! For a tiny $30 item. Yeah, right. So I went online and ordered it for $34.95 plus overnight flat rate postage of $9.90 to anywhere in Australia. One of the first things I’ll do when I get the new unit is attempt to open the battery compartment to make sure I can do so without issue.



  1. Hi Rhonda, that looks like a remote for a “smart”-TV, if your TV has WIFI-capabilities you can probably use your smartphone as a remote. Sure not as comfortable than a proper remote, but still better than having one with empty batteries.

  2. No, it’s not a smart TV. And I do still have the big remote that works — the TV came with a big remote with heaps of buttons, and the mini with the main controls.

  3. I have the Samsung Smart Tv and while the remote is cute as fuck its build is stupid as shit. I mean its conveinient to have big buttons for old people and vision challenged ppls but on my lazy shut in days I need the on demand button thingy but anyways um I have no idea how to open the remotes battery compartment cover thingy. Like ive been fidgeting with it for about an hour now and I can’t seem to open the dam thing. Like I have the replacement battery and I am aware that in order to open the cover you need to turn it countclockwise and please dont suggest using an alternative remote on a mobile device beause mine is currently broken I keep breaking them but um yeah idk how to open it and Im afraid ill break the cute mini remote so if anyone has any ideas on opening it let me know.

  4. Just bought a new Samsung TV and can’t get the case open to put the batteries in!!! Samsung told me they could send me a new one in 5 to 14 days. Soi much for checking that the new TV works within the time period for a return.

  5. I have the same issue as you. Did you ever resolve?

  6. Hi Thomas

    I ended up buying a replacement from this company (in Australia): https://tvremotes.com.au/ However, I looked on their website just now, and I couldn’t find the model listed anymore. BTW, the replacement model I purchased was BN59-00788B, in case you want to look elsewhere for it. The battery case on the replacement opened easily (though I haven’t tried it since).


  7. This is terrible that the problems with opening the tv remote battery compartments have been reported for years by so many users, requiring them to replace the remote as the only solution. Yet Samsung is still supplying the same faulty remotes to unsuspecting buyers. In the meantime, I have a tv that I cannot use

  8. Funny enough, I have one of these remotes even though the TV is gone. We always used the larger remote. I found this small remote in the attic recently. It is from a un46b7000, which we bought in 2010. Anyway, your battery cover didn’t pop out because it was installed 180 degrees from the correct position. The word Batt in your pic should be readable without standing on your head! I turned the cover with a coin and angled the remote and the lid fell out from gravity alone. Your cover must have been forced in with the incorrect orientation during the previous battery install. The markings are tiny and difficult to read, and you must take care to line it up exactly when replacing the cover.

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