Word: Create a custom tab for your most-used tools

February 2, 2015

This comes under the category of ‘I didn’t realize I could do all that’!

What I’ve done is set up an Editing tab in Word, and put onto it all the main tools I use when I’m editing. Yes, I’ve still kept my Quick Access Toolbar, but now I’ve got all those main tools in one place. How I did it is based on this excellent article by Jack Lyons: https://americaneditor.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/lyonizing-word-the-right-tool-for-the-job/

The image below shows how Word 2010 now looks every time I open ANY Word document in it, with my custom Editing tab on the far right (though I could have placed it anywhere):


And the second image shows my custom settings in the File > Options > Customize Ribbon dialog box:



  • You can call the tab and groups whatever you like, and can rename the original names for the tools. For example, I changed Header from Top to H from Top as I’ll understand that (especially as I put it in the Header/Footer group!), Cross-reference to X-refs, and Update Table (the one for the Table to Contents) to Update TOC.
  • These settings are computer-specific and apply to all documents you open on your computer – if you switch to another computer, you won’t have them unless you export them (there’s an Import/Export button at the bottom of the customization window) from your computer and import them into the other computer. Yes, you can export from Word 2010 and import into Word 2013.
  • This Customize Ribbon option is available in all Office programs I checked — Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, as well as Word of course.

The only difficulty I can see with this is helping other people once I get used to using this tab, as I may forget where these tools are on the default Word installation ;-)

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[Links last checked February 2015]

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