Installing Microsoft Office

January 7, 2015

Prior to Christmas I decided to upgrade my old clunker of a laptop from Vista to Windows 7. I’d put it off for more than a year as my experience with previous upgrades hasn’t been pleasant. Surprisingly, it all went very well. Yes, it took some time but Microsoft’s friendly upgrade/installation screens warned me about that. In fact, the whole experience was a good one.

However, I also decided to upgrade from Office 2007 to Office 2013. That failed. So I decided to install Office 2010 instead. That also failed after several hours and attempts. Then I tried to uninstall all the Office components and start again. But I couldn’t uninstall either. Off to Google… where I found a ‘FixIt’ program from Microsoft to uninstall all Office components. After several hours of waiting, I realised that wasn’t working either. It was getting to the stage where I was thinking about totally wiping the hard drive and starting again with a clean installation of Windows 7 and Office (and everything else…).

In desperation, I did a couple more Google searches and found a likely reason for the failures to install and then uninstall. It was hidden in with a whole heap of other information, so I’m surprised I found it. It was simple and worth a try… And it worked! I could uninstall all old Office components correctly (and quickly) and install Office 2013 with no issues (and in a short time too).

So what was this magic I read about? PUT THE INSTALLATION/UNINSTALL FILES ONTO THE LOCAL DRIVE and run them from there. I’d been trying to install and uninstall from EXEs that were on my server (as you normally can do for other software installations).

Once I shifted the files over to the laptop’s desktop and uninstalled/installed from there, everything worked fine. (I later deleted those installation files to free up some hard drive space, though this isn’t essential if you have plenty of free space.)


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