Plural vs possessive – it’s not hard

November 24, 2014

<sigh> Another example of a professionally created sign that gets it wrong. PLURALS DON’T HAVE APOSTROPHES (in the main). It’s not hard.

There were at least three levels of human error here — the person who commissioned the sign and/or sent the copy to the signwriter, the signwriter, and the person who OK’d the finished sign as suitable for going up in the Albuquerque Airport. ATMs… not ATM’s.



  1. Airport signage: Thought we had enough waiting, without having to wait for the airline agent to board before us. (Sorry re the photo quality – we didn’t have to wait that long, so I took it on the run). If the link works, see:


  2. Since the link did not work:


  3. Passenger Information

    The boarding process may require passengers to wait in this area until the airline agent is ready to board your aircraft.

    Thank you for your patience.

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