Flash Player v Firefox

June 11, 2014

I’m fed up with Adobe’s Flash player and Firefox not playing well together. Flash Player continually crashes, causing Firefox to not respond for a short period, then you have to reload the page where Flash crashed. Adobe sends out many Flash Player updates and Firefox gets updated regularly too, though nowhere near as often as Flash. I don’t know which company’s environment doesn’t like the other. And I don’t care. I would just like them to play nice together in the sandbox, but they don’t seem capable of that. This has been going on for months, if not a year or more. And I’m heartily sick of it. Yes, I use Chrome for some things, and IE for others, but Firefox is my browser of choice.

All this is a preamble to what has to be the longest error message I’ve ever seen as a result of a Flash crash. I’ve reduced the size of it to show how long the string is — a string of garbled letters and numbers, no doubt for security purposes. I would guess only a computer could interpret it. You sure wouldn’t want to have to read the error message over the phone to a human as the possibilities for getting it wrong are enormous.

Click the image to view it larger, if you dare!




  1. Yes…I wish the applications would play nice…I have been jumping from IE to Chrome and Mozilla – each for different reasons…can be a chore!

  2. I have removed Flash from my computer. Turns out many web pages that use Flash switch over to another format if you don’t have it. The end result of removing Flash was the absence of some of the annoying ads on web pages. That works for me!

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