Word: True title case

February 4, 2014

In Word 2003 and earlier, one of the case options was ‘title case’ where all main words were capitalized (capped), but minor words (e.g. the, a, and, etc.) weren’t. But since Word 2007, the only case options when changing case automatically are:

  • sentence case (only the first letter of the first word in the sentence is capped)
  • all upper or all lower case
  • toggle case (who uses that?)
  • capitalize each word (which means exactly what it says, so all the ‘little’ words get capped too!).

There’s no true title case anymore. However, the good folks over at WordTips have provided a macro that works around the problem by specifying that certain words in a selected piece of text are NOT to be capitalized.

You can get the details here:

I tested the macro and it works well. I also added my own words to the list and it still worked well ;-) Just make sure you separate each word you add with a space. I also added my additional words in alphabetical order, just in case that made any difference.

And if this macro is something you’ll use a lot, add a Quick Access Toolbar icon for it.

NOTE: The macro doesn’t change the capitalization of first word of the selected text — the wrd = 2 part of the macro tells the macro to start at the second letter of the selected text, thus ignoring first words in sentences like ‘The’ that should legitimately be capitalized. If you want the macro to include ALL words in the selection — even the first word in a sentence — then change that part of the macro to wrd = 1.

[Links last checked February 2014]

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  1. Great tip – Thank you, Rhonda

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