Review: TechSmith Fuse

January 16, 2014

TechSmith, the makers of the excellent SnagIt, have just released an update (v11.4 for Windows), and in the promotional video they talked about their new free app — TechSmith Fuse — available for both Android and Apple devices (I tested it on my Android phone and Android tablet). It’s a quick and easy way to get your photos from your device directly into SnagIt Editor or Camtasia on your PC or Mac. Obviously, you’ll need one of those pieces of software on your computer.


Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your device, you open SnagIt on your computer, select File > Connect Mobile Device, then use your mobile device to scan the QR code shown on your computer screen. That’s it for connecting!!

Next, open the TechSmith Fuse app on your device, and your gallery of pictures loads up and displays. Tap a picture to send it, then choose whether to send it to SnagIt or Camtasia, then the name of your computer app (I’m not sure why you need this last step, but I guess if you have SnagIt or TechSmith Fuse on multiple computers/devices, you need to tell it which device to send to).  The photo is sent straight to SnagIt Editor on that computer.

Just brilliant — no more Bluetooth pairing, no more USB connection cables etc. You can also take a photo and send it to SnagIt/Camtasia straight away.

But… while it worked seamlessly straight away from my phone and tablet and is a brilliant concept, I noticed a couple of things that could be improved for the next version:

  • cannot multiselect and send — currently have to send one photo at a time and select the send options each time Update: You can do this now. Hold down on the first photo, then lightly tap the others you want to send.
  • does not remember my last setting selection and/or know whether or not I have SnagIt AND/OR Camtasia — I only have SnagIt, so the Camtasia option is of no use; it knows who I am so it would be nice for it to remember which TechSmith product(s) I have or used to connect via the QR code
  • doesn’t send/display the photos in the SnagIt Editor in the same size/dimensions/resolution they were taken in — when I send the photo to SnagIt Editor, the photo is resized from the original quite substantially, with an associated loss of resolution; if I download the photos as I usually do with a wired connection or Bluetooth, I get no loss of size/dimension/resolution. Update: TechSmith responded to my Tweet about this post within minutes and showed me how to keep the original dimensions. Woohoo — customer service done right! To keep your dimensions, open SnagIt Editor on your computer, go to File, click the Editor options button (lower right corner), click Advanced, then select the check box near the bottom for Keep original image dimensions.

Despite these issues, for a quick connection to SnagIt where you aren’t concerned about size etc., this is just brilliant and beats connecting via other methods.

NOTE: I haven’t yet tried sending a photo when I’m out of range of my computer, or when my computer isn’t turned on. I doubt it will work if my computer is not on. Update: Not surprisingly, it doesn’t work when your paired computer is not on. And when I walked out to the shed where the wireless connection is ‘very poor to nothing’, it couldn’t make the connection. Again, that wasn’t surprising. But for when you’re sitting near your computer and need to upload a few photos taken on your tablet/phone, TechSmith Fuse sure beats having to make connections in other more cumbersome ways.


  1. •cannot multiselect and send — currently have to send one photo at a time and select the send options each time (This is incorrect). Here is the trick to select multiple images/video at same time:

    In fuse library, gallery or screenshots click and hold down on the first image until the checkmark appears. Then lightly tap the additional images/video clips you want to download to snagit/camtasia via the internal Wi-Fi connection. As you do this you will see additional checkmarks show up for each image selected.

    I use fuse with snagit to get images and video from my phone quickly into the application where I can then save it elsewhere on my desktop computer and laptop computer. It is fantastic!

  2. Thanks Dave! They’ve obviously updated this app since I wrote this review. I contacted them at the time and they said ‘it was coming in a future release’. I’ll add an update note to this post.


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