Various useful websites related to writing

November 20, 2013

In my travels on the internet I find some interesting stuff about writing. You may find some of these useful.

Most of these websites are from the US, so some of the conventions used in Australia where I live may differ a little, but the principles will still apply.

[Links last checked November 2013]


  1. Really interesting and useful sites. Thx

  2. I hit a new record high of 682 hits in one day, 250K total. Nowhere near your stats, but I’m in awe of the global reach of an English grammar blog. Where is Eritrea, anyway? Love, Jeanne

  3. Hmmm… may be a result of sending this list out to my work colleagues, Jeanne. I think it targets about 50+ people, but I didn’t think any would be in Eritrea (which is in the horn of Africa near Ethiopia, if I remember rightly).

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