Verbing nouns

October 8, 2013


verbing_nounReally? ‘to homer’??

Twitter has 140 characters — only 88 were used in this Tweet, so there was no excuse for not writing ‘to hit a home run’ or even ‘to hit a homer’. But ‘to homer’???

(BTW, I know almost nothing about baseball, so it’s possible this is a verb…)


  1. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you but, when referring to a home run in baseball, ‘homer’ is perfectly acceptable as a noun or a verb. It’s a bit unusual to see the phrase ‘hit a home run.’

  2. I’m with you, Rhonda. I’m sure ‘homer’ is quite acceptable to some people, but don’t count me in that group. I suspect the same group should be ‘tasked’ with insuring the rest of us aren’t ‘impacted’ by such sloppy (lazy?) English by ‘actioning’ or even ‘incentivising’ their removal from the vernacular (as if…!),

    BTW When I went to school, ‘Homer’ was an ancient Greek guy, who wrote a bit!

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