Copyright label on clothing

October 7, 2013

This was a first for me — seeing a ‘copyright’ label on a piece of clothing I bought recently:


Either I don’t buy clothing very often (true) or I buy it in the US (also true). So while I knew that clothing designs were copyrighted to a degree (I’ve heard of companies suing other companies over copying their designs), I’ve never seen a label like this before.

Is it common? And no, this wasn’t a high-end piece of clothing.

One comment

  1. I once mentioned this label to one of the people who manages one of the shops this particular brand owns. She didn’t make any comment and I got the definite impression she hadn’t even noticed it. I would have thought that if they considered it necessary to add this label that they would have alerted all their managers of this.
    I have made quite major style changes to some of their clothing. Presumably they are only interested in people who copy on a commercial scale.
    Their clothes are of a particular style but they could be copied and it would be hard to prove it was a copy. In fact there is a generic name for the style of their clothes. If you search online for lagenlook you will find hundreds of clothing items like theirs so I think the copyright would be hard to enforce.
    I have never seen a similar label.

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