Spitting Coke

June 18, 2013

A bit of background to the screen shot below…

Regular readers of this blog know that I write the occasional ‘Writing Tips’ for my work colleagues, some of which I reproduce here after removing anything specific related to individuals or the company. I always get some nice emails back saying how much my colleagues appreciate these tips of mine — and how much they look forward to them.

One of the teams I work for has been working various sections of a single (very large!) document for more than a year (it’s still not ready). I only get to edit it every so often, so I’m not looking at it every day. But when I do edit it there are parts that make my eyes glaze over, so I don’t know how the authors can maintain momentum on it.

So, with that background, here’s an instant message exchange I had with one of the authors:


Well, it made me laugh ;-)

One comment

  1. I used “byzantine” once in an executive summary when describing the interaction of several system components at a client’s site.

    2 VP’s accused me of using inappropriate language and wanted to fire me.


    Thanks for the tips.

    Ian Frazer

    Victoria, BC


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