Misleading ads from Qantas Frequent Flyer

May 15, 2013

I’ve been a Qantas Frequent Flyer and Qantas Club Life Member for just over 20 years (yikes!), and so I get their promotional emails, which seem to come with increasing regularity. Most of the time I just delete them, but occasionally one catches my eye, especially when it offers what I perceive to be a ‘very good deal’.

A bit of background… Perth hotel prices are EXORBITANT, and they’ve been ridiculously high for several years. We’re in a resources boom, so hotel room prices mid-week (in particular) are through the roof. To even find a decent hotel offering a room for less than $250 a night is very unusual; it’s more like $400+ a night.

Which is why this Qantas promo for hotel stays caught my eye (I’ve highlighted the relevant bits in yellow):

qantas_misleading_ads01Note that the price advertised ($179) is based on a stay at Crown Metropol (ex-Burswood Hotel) in Perth. Now, $179 is a good deal for Perth, and Crown is a 5-star hotel. So, $179 for a 5-star hotel in Perth? Gotta click on that!

And here’s what I got:

qantas_misleading_ads02Yep, that $179 deal has suddenly morphed in a ‘minimum $269’ deal, some $90 more. Thanks, Qantas…

However, the Qantas deal is still cheaper than offers from sites like Wotif.com for the same hotel, where their cheapest deal is $295 for just one night in the coming two weeks:


I guess I won’t be staying overnight in Perth any time soon.

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