Microsoft: Improve the OS, remove features

April 30, 2013

One of my readers, Steven, has made a short video on how Microsoft have ‘improved’ Sound Recorder — one of the products bundled with Windows — by removing its features. Yep, all of them.

In Windows XP, Sound Recorder had several options; in Windows 7 (I don’t have Windows 8 so can’t test that), Sound Recorder has NO options. All you can do in Windows 7 is record. You can’t edit, mix, insert, copy/paste, use special effects, etc., all of which you could do in Windows XP’s Sound Recorder.

Here’s Steve’s video comparing the two: http://www.chelverton.com/download/Videos/New%20Software/New%20Software.htm

[Links last checked April 2013]


  1. Nice. Typical Microsoft “value”.

  2. Perhaps I’ll be re-thinking moving back up to XP…

  3. Windows 8 – same as Win 7 – record only to wma

  4. Thanks for confirming that, Joan.

  5. Not surprised re Windows 8 – thanks Joan.

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