Well, hello there!

February 26, 2013

I spent some time last weekend going through my Firefox bookmarks to see what’s still valid, what’s still relevant (to me), etc. and generally just doing a good clean-up of them.

One of the sites I went to had this:


The site says’ ‘Hi’??? Really? And ‘are being requested’? Sheesh.


  1. sure, after you sign in, simply enter your bank account and routing numbers and we’ll connect you…

  2. “A username and password are…” is a in-built FireFox message. IE would say “The server ???.com at hi requires a username and password”. The “Hi” bit is the ‘realm’ (I think they call it) which controls access to folders on the server based on the username and password.

  3. Thanks Hamish. But what possessed someone to name a server or realm ‘Hi’??

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