Let’s update the update…

February 1, 2013



I highlighted in green the bit that had me shaking my head. And there are EIGHT variations of the word ‘update’ in this short message window. EIGHT! Sheesh.

One comment

  1. Aaaagh! If only they had got the technical authors involved earlier and called Windows Update “Windows Updater”. We would have told them that “Windows Update” was a bad name for a tool when the term already meant something else. Then you have:

    Install new Windows Updater software

    To check for updates to Windows, you must first install an update to Windows Updater. Your automatic update settings will not change.

    To install the new Windows Updater, Windows Updater will close and reopen.

    I’ve even managed to replace “updating” with “update” in one place, although if you look in Control Panel, Microsoft does actually refer to “Automatic updatING settings”, presumably in an attempt to resolve the ambiguity they created.

    I wonder if Microsoft would give me a job? On second thoughts . . .

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