Windows Media Player: Display album art at full size

January 8, 2013

I hate it when software wants to think for you and decides to display something the way IT wants to and not the way YOU want to. Windows Media Player (WMP) is a case in point — it displays album art at a reduced size and there’s no setting I could find to get it to display it at full size.

However, I was able to find a forum post (see the 06 August 2012 entry) that tells you how to change the Windows Registry to force WMP to display album art at full size. Unfortunately, that post left a few steps out, so here they are in full.


  • Before starting this process, make sure you are comfortable with editing the Registry; back up the Registry first in case you make a mistake.
  • These instructions are for Windows 7, but once you’re in the Registry of your Windows operating system they should work for earlier versions of WMP too; however, I haven’t tested these instructions on earlier Windows operating systems, so do this at your own risk.
  • Update May 2019: See the comments below before starting this task. It’s possible that these steps from 2013 no longer work.

Edit the Registry to display WMP album art at full size

  1. Close Windows Media Player if it is open.
  2. In Windows 7, click the Start button and type Run in the search box.
  3. Select Run from the Programs list. This opens the Run dialog box.
  4. Type regedit in the Open field, then click OK.
  5. If asked about allowing access, click Yes. The Registry Editor window opens.
  6. In the left pane, expand these nodes: Computer > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Media Player > Preferences.
  7. Click on the Preferences node to display the settings in the right pane.
  8. In a blank area on the right pane, right-click and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  9. New Value #1 is added at the end of the long list of settings.
  10. Change this name to PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected
  11. Double-click to open PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected.
  12. Type 0 (zero) as the Value data then click OK.
  13. Still in the settings list, find the entry for ShowAlbumArt. Double-click it to open it and set its value to 1. Click OK.
  14. You should now have two added/revised settings entries — one for PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected with a value set to 0 and one for ShowAlbumArt with its value set to 1 (see yellow highlighted lines in the screen shot below).
  15. Close the Registry Editor window.
  16. Re-open Windows Media Player — your album art should now show at full size.

[Links last checked January 2013]


  1. Thanks this help me a lot :)

  2. when i open wmp, it changes ShowAlbumArt back to 0…

  3. ShowAlbumArt back to 0 after opening WMP and default album image is displayed. If I switch the display to other then back to album art, small album art image is back, and WMP set PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected to 1.

  4. I’ve had the same problem with WMP automatically resetting the registry edits. Suggestions?

  5. Make sure you spelled PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected correctly. I forgot to use the right participle at first and only wrote select at the end which caused an constant overwrite to ShowAlbumArt any time I re-opened WMP. I fixed that and it worked just fine.

  6. Btw, don’t switch to any other visualization mode since it’ll reset all registry entries to their default setting.

  7. thank you so much ^_^ it worked :))

  8. thanxxxxxxxxxxx it works …………………………….

  9. hello

    Thanks it works but I’ve a problem , i want to change the color of windows media (I have it in grey color like in this picture : http://oi59.tinypic.com/2j5mio5.jpg and I want to change in black color) but I can’t change the color of window media, in “ameliorations” then “video parameters” ( I can move the curser to right & left but he still return automatically in the middle )

    can you help me please ?

  10. I rarely use Media Player and know little about it. I searched this for my husband, and posted it in case I needed to know how to do it again.

  11. Stop WMP
    also stop “media player network sharing service”

    REGEDIT : the preferences of WMP
    ShowAlbumArt = 0
    PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected = 1

    Restart WMP

  12. thanks, this one helped a lot :)

  13. Thanks so much for this fix. I had started to use MusicBee but it doesn’t import Composers, so I switched back to WMP – but hated the downsized artwork in WMP. Question: Could the WMP album art be enlarged even further if PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected = 2?

  14. Thank you so much. I really appreciate this.

  15. Your trick was working with me for the mp3 files, but for the itunes file (m4a), it is not working. The size of album art is automatically decreased

  16. Hi, Just to let you know that I think you are a God. I upgraded to Windows 7 and was most distraught that I had to suffer small album art. You have made an old man very happy, STUFF YOU MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. it works man.. Thanks !

  18. freaking genius, thank you. always thought it was stupid they didn’t have a setting for it.

  19. as far as “LargeAlbumArtSize=:ffffffff” registry entry, where and what type? There isnot one by default that I can find.

  20. hi,i am very happy that your trick is working.

  21. hi, can you help me for windows 8.1
    can go till Microsoft but do not find Media Player > Preferences

  22. Sorry, I can’t help as I don’t use Windows 8.1. Maybe someone else following this thread knows??


  23. I’ve used this for Windows 7 sucessfully for a long time and find it works for Win 8.1 Pro perfectly as well. Thank rhonda for posting.

    @Eddy Dewispelaere: Access the regedit by searching in [Charms] or right-click the [Windows] button and select [run] and follow from step 4.
    The registry entries for Win 8.1 are identical for this to those in the Windows 7 description posted at point 6.

  24. I am making this comment for those who are desperate for solution and I can say that I finally found it, without the need of changing the registry (since this didn’t work for me.). There is a program called Mp3tag. It is co-existing with WMP and when you insert art there it stays in the full size. https://gyazo.com/ad8bd38cc542c68ce8a9c00a2022a630

  25. That’s an excellent suggestion, WewLad. I find Mp3tag works perfectly for .mp3 files across Win 7, 8.1 and 10, in a manner which is fully compatible with WMP. I have found, though, that it will embed album art for .flac files too but WMP might dump the file’s tags afterwards, especially if the registry entries haven’t been changed.

  26. Thanks a lot :)))

  27. WewLad, you do you set-up Mp3tag and WMP to show the large cover art? I installed Mp3tag (latest version 2.75) on Windows 10, embedded a cover art at 700×700 under View->Extended Tags->Cover->Add cover… to my mp3 files. Then I run WMP, but it still shows the small 240×240 cover art, not the one I embedded with Mp3tag. I also tried editing the registry, it works but the cover art is not centered and when I resize the window, it starts cropping on the bottom and right side while there is still a margin on the left and top sides.

  28. I tried everything but it didn’t work!

  29. On the first try it didn’t work. ShowAlbumArt was reset to 0 and PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected was gone. I tried a second time and somehow it worked. I’m very glad to get big album artwork back, thanks. Unfortunately some album covers are a little too big now :P

  30. I think ShowAlbumArt resets to 0 when you play a song with small album art embedded in it.

  31. No, it resets to 0 even when you play one with large album art.

  32. Like someone said, m4as(iTunes etc.) still have small art.

  33. After testing this regediting with many of my songs I think I’ve determined that any music that you ripped from CD using WMP is still going to have small album art when you play it. Songs I got from iTunes or 7Digital have large artwork(if mp3 or wma). Also, album art that you pasted in, in WMP, I believe still comes up small (200×200 pixels).

    On the plus side, the ShowAlbumArt register doesn’t reset to 0 until after you’ve closed WMP, so you could play a playlist of songs with large artwork before having to go into regedit again.

  34. I discovered MediaMonkey. Among other things, it can embed album art in audio files, preserving the height and width. The tag editor actually looks much the same as Windows Media Player’s “Advanced Tag Editor” in older versions of WMP, which let you upload picture files and would preserve the size in the Now Playing screen, unlike when you copied and pasted it to the album cover in the library screen.

    Ok so now I’m finding that even though ShowAlbumArt is zero, WMP will show any large album art(e.g 550×550 pixels) that I’ve embedded using MediaMonkey. Hmmm and this is the free version of MediaMonkey too. I’d recommend using MediaMonkey to solve the problem of small album artwork. Certainly, don’t use WMP to embed artwork.

  35. Thanks for sharing all your test results, Andrew.


  36. yes it can work really very usefull this is

  37. thanks , it works, in the beginning it don’t works because, I created new key named PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected. but the right name is PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected , there is no point in the end. it’s because i copy this from your instructions, and there is a point in your instructions, but it’s ok ! :

    “Change this name to PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected. “

  38. Thanks dixi93 — I’ve now removed the period from the end of that step.


  39. As pointed out by Andrew Fisher, this is useless for him, and certainly is for me, and potentially everyone (other factors may be in play) for files copied to Library from CD. First, every time you restart WMP the registry settings are lost. That makes it next to useless. Then, as even indicated above from the authors, if you change visualization you lose the benefit. Moreover, I went Control-1 then Control-2 then Control-3 and it doesn’t even show album art under Control-3 any more (it shows some sine wave visualization), and resizes the entire **window** to be tiny, making it far, far worse than I started out. This was a terrible undertaking. Win7 Pro 64 XP1, WMP 12.0.7601.23930.

    Thanks for trying, but the article should have been clear on things that I had to read all the comments up to the third to last to learn of the pitfalls and deficiencies herein. I’m impressed that you interact with commenters. That’s awesome. How about you update/correct the article now? Thanks.

  40. All comments are about album, what of lyrics? My WMP displays lyrics at the center bottom, how do i change it to full screen display?

  41. thanks alot men

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