Parallel banking

December 28, 2012

More user frustration, this time with the website of one of Australia’s big banks.

I needed to clean up my saved list of payees, deleting those I no longer pay.

Easy enough — I just clicked the link to edit my payee list. There was the list, with radio buttons. So I clicked the first one I wanted to delete. Under the list was this:


And you know? I just couldn’t see the delete option! Why? Because after seeing ‘Add’ and ‘Edit’ I expected to see ‘Delete’. I didn’t expect to see ‘Immediately’ — and in fact, I overlooked all the words in the third bullet as I expected parallel structure and when I didn’t find it, I assumed I had to delete my selected Payee another way.

I looked all over that web page for a delete button or some other way to delete, before seeing that the last option *was* a delete option! But why didn’t they say so? Why did they obscure the message with ‘Immediately’ in front of ‘delete’? What was wrong with switching it around so it was parallel with the others and using ‘Delete Payee’ as the text? Gee, they could even have made it ‘Delete Payee immediately’ if they wanted to (though I think ‘immediately’ was redundant in this case).

More user frustration with something that should be SO simple.

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One comment

  1. Banks and services should check the job title of their new clients. If they see “Technical Communicator” or any variant on that title, they should go into Red Alert and check all their customer-facing systems immediately. Otherwise, they should expect to be hauled over the coals in public for any and every error involving grammar, user experience, etc. Technical Communicator is like a “Mystery Shopper”. Businesses should quake in their boots at our approach. :)

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