I love my work colleagues!

September 27, 2012

This email (slightly modified to remove references to people, companies etc.) was sent to the entire team last week. I love working for these people!

Hi guys,

Just a quick reminder to not alter the formatting of the [ABC] document. This includes things like inserting new headers and footers (including for landscape pages), altering text styles and altering page numbers, etc. We have Rhonda as a great resource to make these changes and assist us with other formatting and authoring-based IT issues, not just the tech writing reviews she also does.

It’s not the best use of time as it takes us much longer to fiddle around in the formatting and styles than it will take Rhonda. Also often our best efforts to solve something in the document can cause more work for Rhonda to fix than the original issue.

Another way to think of it is, we have been hired for our technical expertise in environmental assessment, and Rhonda has been hired for her expertise in technical writing, document formatting and styles, etc.



  1. Hi Rhonda.
    Hallelujah! Oh how I wish other companies would think the same!

  2. How nice to be working at a company which acknowledges and understands it takes professional expertise to format documents :)

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